Mike Harding (b 1944)

English comedian/ singer of his own songs and folk-parodies.


A Lancashire Lad1972  
Mrs 'Ardin's Kid 1975  
The Rochdale Cowboy Rides Again1975  
One Man Show (2 CDs) 1976  
[Reissue] (2 CDs)2005 Townsend Music Ltd 
Mike Harding's Back1977  
Old Four Eyes is Back1977  
Captain Paralytic and the Brown Ale Cowboy 1978  
Komic Kutz (2 CDs) 1979  
[Reissue] (2 CDs)2010 Moonraker 
On The Touchline1979  
Bombers Moon1984  
Foo Foo Shufflewick and her Exotic Banana2005  
Classic Tracks vol 12005  

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