Gemma Hayes (b 1978)

Irish singer-songwriter/ country singer.


4.35 AM (EP)2001 SourceCDSOURCD SP028
Night on my Side2002 SourceCDSOUR 047 
Back of My Mind (EP)2002  
Let a Good Thing Go2002  
Hanging Around2004  
Roads Don't Love You2005 SourceCDSOUR 117
The Hollow of Morning2008 Gemma Hayes 


Title. year. Label.
Hanging Around2002 SOURCD 046
Let A Good Thing Go2002 SOURCD 051

Hit albums.

Title.year.highest position.
Night on my Side2002 52

Hit singles.

Title.year.highest position.
Hanging Around2002 62
Let A Good Thing Go2002 54

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