Anne Hills (b 1953)

American singer of her own songs, contemporary songs and some traditional songs.


Woman of a Calm Heart1978 
Don't Explain1984 
Woman of a Calm Heart1988 
October Child1993 
Angle of the Light1995 
Bittersweet Street1998 
Beauty Attends: the Heartsongs of Opal Whiteley 2006 
Ef You Don't Watch Out2007Collective Works

Multi-volume albums.

Don't Panic (*)1993 Flying Fish ?

(* "Don't Explain" [Anne Hills] plus "The Panic is On" [Anne Hills and Jan Burda]).

Collaboration - Anne Hills, Shinobu Sato, Cindy Mangsen, Fred Campeau and Stuart Rosenberg.

Title. year. Label. no.
On this Day Earth Shall Ring: Songs For Christmas1985 Flying Fish   

Collaboration - Anne Hills and Michael Smith.

Title. year. Label. no.
Paradise Lost and Found1999    

Collaboration - Anne Hills and Jan Burda.

Title. year. Label. no.
The Panic is On1982    
Don't Panic? Flying Fish 

Collaboration - Tom Paxton and Anne Hills.

Title. year. Label. no.
Under American Skies1991   

Collaboration - Steve Gillette, Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen and Michael Smith.

Title. year. Label. no.

Collaboration - Tom Paxton, Bob Gibson and Anne Hills.

Title. year. Label. no.
Best of Friends (*)2004   

(* Recorded 1985).

Collaboration - Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen.

Title. year. Label. no.
Never Grow Old1994    
Never Grow Up1998  

Collaboration - Hills Mangsen and Herdman (Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen and Priscilla Herdman).

Title. year. Label. no.
Voices of Winter1997  
At the Turning of The Year2000  

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