Janis Ian (b 1951)

American singer-songwriter.


Janis Ian1967VerveVLP 6001
For the Seasons of Your Mind1968VerveSVLP 6003
The Secret Life of J Eddy Fink1968VerveSVLP 6009
Who Really Cares1969  
Present Company1971  
Stars1974 ColumbiaKC 32857 
[Reissue]1993 GrapevineGRACD 32857
[Reissue] 1994Festival D 19827
[Reissue]2003 Cooking Vinyl 
Between the Lines1975  
[Reissue]2003 Cooking Vinyl 
[Reissue]2003 Cooking Vinyl 
Miracle Row1977  
Janis Ian II (CBS)1978CBS 
Night Rains1979  
[Reissue]2003 Cooking Vinyl 
My Favourites1980  
Restless Eyes1981  
[Reissue]2003 Cooking Vinyl 
Uncle Wonderful (1981 - 83)1984  
Breaking Silence1993  
[Reissue]2003 Cooking Vinyl 
[Reissue]2003 Cooking Vinyl 
Up 'Til Now1997  
God and the FBI2000  
Billie's Bones2003 Cooking Vinyl 
Folk is the New Black2006 Cooking Vinyl 

Multi-volume albums.

Title Year. Label. number.
Stars/ Night Rains (2 lps) 1983 CBS 40 22158
Between the Lines/ Whistle Test Concert 2010  
Stars/ Aftertones2010  
Miracle Row/ Janis Ian2010  
Revenge/ Hunger 2010  
The Secret Life of J Eddy Fink/ Who Really Cares 2009  
Night Rains/ Restless Eyes/ Little Wonderful 2010  


The Best of Janis Ian1980CBS 
My Favourites1980 CBS84188
Up Till Now1992 ColumbiaCOL 469105 2
Society's Child - the Verve Recordings1994Polydor 
The Best of Janis Ian2002Festival 
Souvenirs: The Best of Janis Ian 1972 - 19812004 Cooking Vinyl 
Ultimate Best2007 Victor 
Essential 2009   

Live Albums.

Title. year. Label. number.
Live on the Test (live 1976) 1995    
The Bottom Line Encore Collection (live 1980) 1999Bottom Line 5 34404 74022 6 
Live: Working Without a Net (live)2003 Cooking Vinyl   


Title.year.Label. Number
Society's Child (Baby I've Been thinking)/ Letter To John 1966Verve  
Younger Generation Blues/ I'll Give You A Stone if you Throw It1967   
Sunflakes Fall, Snowrays Call/ Insanity comes Quietly 1968    
A Song For All The Seasons Of Your Mind/ Lonely One 1969    
Friends Again/ Ladies of the Night 1969    
Everybody Knows/ Janey's Blues 1969    
Calling Your Name/ Month of May 1969    
He's a Rainbow/ Here in Spain 1971    
He's a Rainbow/ See My Grammy Ride 1971    
Jesse/ the Man You Are in Me 1974    
At 17/ Stars1975CBS CBS 3498
Fly Too High/ Night Rains 1979 CBS7936
The Other Side of the Sun/ Photographs 1980 CBS8611

Best Albums(*).

Souvenirs: The Best of Janis Ian (comp)2004 
Between the Lines1975 
Society's Child: The Verve Recordings (comp)1994 
Billie's Bones2003 

(*)According to critical opinion.

Hit singles.

Title.year.Highest position.
Fly Too High/ Night Rains197944
The Other Side of the Sun/ Photographs198044


Through the Years: A Retrospective (*) 2008Rude Girl 
Live at Cafe Club2005 Rude Girl 
Janismania 20042005 Rude Girl 

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