Wizz Jones (b 1939)

English singer of traditional and contemporary songs and blues. Also guitarist.

Albums - solo.

Wizz Jones1969United Artists 
The Legendary Me1970First Village Thing 
[Reissue] (vinyl)2007Sunbeam 
Right Now (*)1972  
[Reissue]1999 Columbia 
When I Leave Berlin (E.P.) (**)1973  
[Reissued with bonus tracks] 2007Sunbeam 
Winter Song1974Autogram Records 
Happiness Was Free1976Intercord  
Magical Flight1977Plant Life 
Letter From West Germany197?MovingTarget 
Soloflight (***)1978  
The Grapes of Live1987Run River 
Live In Dublin1991  
Late Nights and Long Days1993 Fellside 
Dazzling Stranger1995Scenescof 
Through the Fingers2001  
Lucky The Man2001  
Young Fashioned Ways2004  

(*) with John Renbourn and others
(**) with Bert Jansch
(***) Includes recordings from 1970 - 74

Collaboration - Pete Stanley and Wizz Jones.

Sixteen Tons of Bluegrass1966  
[re-issued on CD] "More Than Sixteen Tons"2000  
Way Out West Italy1966  

Group - Lazy Farmer (including Wizz Jones).

Lazy Farmer1975  

Collaboration - Wizz Jones and Werner Lammerhirt.

Roll On River1981  

Anthology - Alex Campbell, Andy Irvine, Wizz Jones, Finbar Furey, Dolores Keane et al.

Title. year. Label.
Folk Friends 2 1981  

Anthology - Wizz Jones, Ian A Anderson, Steve Tilston, Dave Peabody et al.

Title. year. Label.
Ghosts From The Basement: Lost Songs Dreams and Folkadelica (*) 2010Weekend Beatnik 

(* Full Title: Ghosts From The Basement: Lost Songs Dreams and Folkadelica from the Vaults of the Village Thing 1970 - 1974)


Title. year. Label. number.
The Village Thing Tapes 1992 Wundertute   


Title. year. Label.
The Ballad of Hollis Brown/ Riff Minor 1965  


Masters of the British Guitar (VHS) 1998 
Wizz Jones - Maestros of the Guitar No 1 2006 

Session recordings.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Ralph McTell Easy ?    
Steve TilstonReaching Back (Box set)2007  



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