Ralph McTell (born 1944)

English singer-songwriter and guitarist. Popularly known for hit single "Streets of London".

(Ralph McTell has recorded with Bert Jansch and the GP's.)


Title.year.Label. Number
Eight Frames a Second1968    
Spiral Staircase1969    
[Reissue]1996 Wooden HillHILLCD5
My Side of Your Window1970    
Revisited1970 Transatlantic  TRA 277
You Well-Meaning Brought Me Here1971   
Not Till Tomorrow1972 Reprise  K 44210
Easy1974 RepriseK 54013
Streets1975 Warner Bros  K 56105
Right Side Up1976   
Ralph, Albert and Sydney1977   
[Reissue]1997 LeolaOLA1601CD
Maginot Waltz1977   
Slide Away The Screen1979   
Streets of London1981   
Love Grows1982   
Water of Dreams1982   
Weather The Storm1982   
Songs From Alphabet Zoo1983   
At The End of Perfect Day1985   
Tickle on the Tum1986   
Bridge of Sighs1987   
The Ferryman1987   
Blue Skies Black Heroes1988   
The Boy With The Note1992   
Sand in Your Shoes1995   
From Clare to Here1996   
Travelling Man1999   
Red Sky2000   
As Far As I Can Tell (*)(3 CDs) 2008Leola 
Somewhere Down The Road 2010Leola 

(*) Documentary - Readings from his biography plus some songs and instrumentals.


Title. year. Label. Number
The Ralph McTell Collection - Vol Two 1976Transatlantic  SAM 39
The Definitive Collection2007 Highpoint 
The Essential (2 CDs)2009 Metro 
Affairs of the Heart (4 CDs) 2010Leola 


Title.year.Label. Number
Michael In The Garden/Terminus1970   
Streets of London/Spiral Staircase1970   
Streets of London(*)1974 RepriseK 14380
Dreams of You/Seeds of Heaven1975 Warner BrosK 16648
Red Apple Juice/El Progresso1975   
Winners/Geordie's On The Road1984   

(*) Re-recording of 1970 version, with Ron Clemens and Prelude as session musicians.

Session recordings.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Bert JanschEdge of a Dream 2002Sanctuary SANCD136
Steve TilstonLooking Back 2007   

Hit albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
Not Till Tomorrow1972 36 
Easy1974 31
Streets1975 13 

Hit singles.

Title.year.highest position.
Streets of London19742
Dreams of You/Seeds of Heaven197536
Winners1984 99





Comedy sketch - Chet Atkins, Gilmore, Knopfler, Lemmy and Gary Moore  put Ralph McTell in the dock.


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