Chad Mitchell Trio

American satirical singer-songwriters.


The Chad Mitchell Trio Arrives!1960 Colpix 
Mighty Day on Campus1961 Kapp
[Reissued] ?  
In Action1962 Kapp 
[Reissued as "Blowin' in the Wind"]? 
At The Bitter End1962 Kapp
[Reissued] ?  
In Concert - Everybody's Listening (*)1964Colpix
In Concert - Everybody's Listening1964  
The Best of1963 Kapp
Singin' Our Minds1963 Mercury
Reflecting1964 Mercury
Slightly Irreverent1964 Mercury
Typical American Boys 1965Mercury
That's the Way It's Gonna Be1965 Mercury
Violets Of Dawn 1965Mercury
Beginnings (John Denver with the Mitchell Trio) 1974Mercury
Mighty Day: The Chad Mitchell Trio Reunion1994 Folk Era
Reunion Part 21997 Folk Era
With Miriam Makeba and Odetta1997 
Virgo Moon? 

Multi-volume Albums.

Violets of Dawn/ That's the Way It's Gonna Be ???
Slightly Irreverent/ Typical American Boys?? ?
A Feeling of Himself/ Love ???

Anthology - Chad Mitchell Trio and others.

At the Hootenanny1963 LondonHA-R 8105 
At the Hootenanny Vol 21963 LondonHA-R 8115


Title. year. Label. number.
The Best of the Chad Mitchell Trio: the Mercury Years Singles?  

Live Albums.

Title. year. Label. number.
In Concert - Everybody's Talking (live) ?? ?


Title. year. Label number
The Marvelous Toy 1964    

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