Tom Paxton (b 1937)

American singer-songwriter.

(Author of "Going to The Zoo", "Last thing on my Mind", and "The Marvelous Toy", but other singers made them into hits.)


Title.year.Label. number
I'm the Man who Built the Bridges1962 GaslightGV 116 
Ramblin' Boy1964 ElektraEKS 7277
[Reissue]1964 ElektraK 42003
Ain't that News1965 ElektraEKS 7289
[Reissue]1965 ElektraK 42005
Outward Bound1966 ElektraEKS 7317
[Reissue]1966 ElektraK 42007
Morning Again1968 ElektraEKS 74019
[Reissue]1968 ElektraK 42019
Things I Notice Now1969 ElektraEKS 74043
[Reissue]1969 ElektraK 42028
Tom Paxton 61970 Elektra  EKS 74066
[Reissue] 1970Elektra K 42047
The Compleat Tom Paxton1971 Elektra7E 2003
[Reissue]1971 ElektraK 62004
How Come The Sun1971 RepriseRS 6443
[Reissue]1971 RepriseK 44129
Peace Will Come1972 RepriseRS 2096
[Reissue]1972 RepriseK 44182
New Songs, Old Friends1973 Reprise  RS 2144
[Reissue] 1973Reprise K 44237
Children's Song Book1974 BradleysBRADN 601 
Something in my Life1975 MAMMAM 1002 
[Reissue]1975 Private Stock2002
Saturday Night1976 MAMMAMS 1033 
Songs From the Briar Patch1977 MAMMAMS 1003
[Reissue]1977 MAMMAMS 1005
Up & Up1980 MountainRailway52792
[Reissue]1980 EvolutionE2
The Paxton Report1981 EvolutionEVLP5 
Even a Gray Day1983   
The Marvelous Toy & Other Gallimaufry1984   
One Million Lawyers & Other Disasters1985   
And Loving You1986   
In The Orchard1988   
Politics Live1988   
Outward Bound1989   
Suzy Is A Rocker1992   
A Child's Christmas1992   
Live For The Record1996   
I've Got A Yo-Yo1997   
Fun Animal Songs1999   
Fun Food Songs1999   
Live In Concert1999   
Car Full of Fun Songs1999   
Live From Mountain Stage2001   
Looking for the Moon2002   
Your Shoes, My Shoes2002   
American Troubadour2003   
Best of Friends2004   
Complete Tom Paxton (*)2004   
Live in the UK2004  
Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop2006  
Comedians and Angels2008  

(* recorded 1970)

Multi-volume albums.

Title Year. Label. number.
Original Album Series (5 CDs) (*) 2010Rhino ?
Outward Bound/ Morning Again 2004  

(* "Ramblin' Boy" plus "Outward Bound" plus "Morning Again" plus "Things I Notice Now" plus "Tom Paxton 6")


Title. year. Label. number.
A Paxton Primer1986  
The Very Best of Tom Paxton1988  
I Can't Help But Wonder where I'm Bound1999   
Best of The Vanguard Years2000 ? 

Various artists - Devil's Interval, James Raynard, Julie Murphy, Lisa Knapp, Barry Dransfield, James Yorkston & The Athletes, Circulus, Tom Paxton, Jacqui McShee's Pentangle, Shirley Collins et al.

Title. year. Label. No.
Old Wine, New Skins2007 ? 

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