Leon Rosselson (born 1934)

English singer-songwriter of satirical and political songs.

(Leon has recorded with the Three City Four)


Songs for City Squares (E.P.)1962TopicTOP77
The Word is Hugga Mugga lugga humbugga boom chit1971Leader LER 3015
Palaces of Gold1975 AcornCF 249
For The Good of the Nation1981  
I Didn't Mean It1988  
Rosselsongs (Compilation)1990 Fuse 
Where are the Elephants (Wo Sind die Elephanten)1989 Fuse 
Guess What They're Selling at the Happiness Counter (*)1992 Fuse 
Perspectives1997 Fuse 
Harry's Gone Fishing1999 Gadfly 
The Last Chance2002  
Turning Silence Into Song2004 Fuse 
A Proper State2008 Fuse 
The Liberty Tree - Life and Writings of Thomas Paine2010   

(* includes John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris)

Children's albums.

Questions - Songs and Stories for Children2006 Fuse?
Five Little Owls (*)2000 Playsongs 
Five Little Frogs (*)2000 Playsongs 

(* with Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr, Leon Rosselson and Kevin Graal)

Collaboration - Dominic Behan, Peggy Seeger, Leon Rosselson and Ralph Rinzler.

Title. year. Label. number.
Down by the Liffeyside - Irish Street Ballads 1958 Topic 10T35

Collaboration - Roy Bailey and Leon Rosselson.

Love Loneliness, Laundry1977 FuseCF 271 

The Galliards - Robin Hall, Jimmie MacGregor, Shirlay Bland and Leon Rosselson.

Title. year. Label. number.
The Galliards 1960 Beltona  
Scottish Choice 1961 Decca  
A Rovin' 1962    

The Galliards (Robin Hall, Jimmie McGregor, Leon Rosselson and Shirley Bland) - single (45 rpm).

Black and White/ Bahnuah1963 TopicSTOP101 

Tribute album - various artists. John Kirkpatrick, Nancy Kerr, Sandra Kerr, Robb Johnson et al.

Title. year. Label. Number.
They All Sang Rosselsongs 2005Fuse CFCD 012 

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