Cat Stevens (born 1947)

English singer-songwriter.

(In the 70's Cat Stevens changed his name to Jusuf Islam.)


Title.year.Label. No
Matthew And Son1967DeramSML 1004
[Reissue]2004 Decca 
New Masters1968DeramSML 1018
[Reissue]2004 Commercial Marketing 
Mona Bone Jakon1970IslandILPS 9118
[Reissue]2000 Universal/ Island 
Tea For the Tillerman1970IslandILPS 9135
[Reissue]2000 Universal/ Island 
Teaser and the Firecat1971IslandILPS 9154
[Reissue]2000Universal/ Island 
Catch Bull At Four1972IslandILPS 9206
[Reissue]2000Universal/ Island 
Foreigner1973IslandILPS 9240
[Reissue]2000Universal/ Island 
Buddha and the Chocolate Box1974IslandILPS 9274
[Reissue]2000Universal/ Island 
Numbers1975IslandILPS 9370
Izitso1977IslandILPS 9451
[Reissue]2001Commercial Marketing 
Back To Earth1978IslandILPS 9565
[Reissue]2001Universal/ Island 
(In 1979 Yusuf Islam married Fouzia Ali at Regent's Park Mosque, 
the 1000th wedding to take place there.)

 Albums - Yusuf Islam.

Islamic Talks and Songs1985 
The Life of the Last Prophet1995 
Welcome to the Qur'an: Gateway to Faith1996 
Prophets of the Last Prophet1998 
I Have no Cannons That Roar1998 
A is for Allah2000 
I Look, I See2004 

Albums - Yusuf.

An Other Cup2006 Atlantic 
Roadsinger (To Warm You Through The Night) 2009 Island


Title.year.Label. No
The World of Cat Stevens1970DeccaSPA 93
Very Young and Early Songs1972Deram 
Greatest Hits1975IslandILPS 9310
Best of1989   
Box Set (4 CDs)1975   
The Very Best of Cat Stevens1990 IslandCATV 1 
Remember Cat Stevens - The Ultimate Collection1999 IslandCID 8079 
The Very Best of Cat Stevens 2003UniversalTV 9811208
Gold (2 CDs)2005 A & M 
Collected (3 CDs)2007Universal 

Live Albums.

Title. year. Label. number.
Saturday Night (live in Tokyo) 1974    

Best Albums(*).

Tea For The Tillerman1970
Teaser and the Firecat1971
Greatest Hits1975
Catch Bull at Four1972
Mona Bona Jakon1970
Mathew and Son1967
Very Young and Early Songs1972

(*)According to critical opinion.


Magikatz1976 live concert 
Another Cup of Yusuf2007 
Yusuf's Cafe Session - Live at the Porchester Hall2007 


Title.year.Label. Number
I Love My Dog/ Portobello Road1966 DeramDM 102
Matthew And Son/ Granny1966 DeramDM 110
I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun/ School is Out1967 DeramDM 118
A Bad Night/ The Laughing Apple1967 DeramDM 140
Kitty/ Blackness of the Night1967 DeramDM 156
Lovely City (When do you Laugh?)/ Image of Hell1968    
Here Comes My Wife/ It's A Super (Dupa) Life1968    
Where are You/ The View From The Top1969    
Lady D'Arbanville/ Time1970 IslandWIP 6086
Wild World/ Miles From Nowhere1970    
Moonshadow/ Father and Son1971 IslandWIP 6092
Peace Train/ Where Do the Children Play?1971    
Morning Has Broken/ I Want to Live in A Wigwam1971 IslandWIP 6121
Can't Keep it in/ Crab Dance1972 IslandWIP 6152
Sitting/ Crab Dance1972    
The Hurt/ Silent Sunlight1973    
Oh Very Young/100 I Dream1974    
Another Saturday Night/ Home in the Sky1974 IslandWIP 6206
Ready/ I Think I See The Light1974    
Two Fine People/ A Bad Penny1975    
Banapple Gas/ Ghost Town1976    
Land O' Free Love and Goodbye/ (I Never Wanted) To Be a Rock Star1976   
(Remember The Days of the) Old Schoolyard/Doves1977 IslandWIP 6387
Was Dog a Dougnut/ Sweet Jamaica1977    
Bad Brakes/ Nascimento1978    
Last Love Song/ Nascimento1979    
Randy/ Nascimento1979    
Father and Son (*) 2004Polydor 9869406

(*)Ronan Keating featuring Yusuf.

Hit albums.

Title.year.highest position.
Matthew And Son19677
Mona Bone Jakon197063
Tea For the Tillerman19708
Teaser and the Firecat19712
Very Young and Early Songs197294
Catch Bull At Four19722
Buddha and the Chocolate Box19742
Greatest Hits19752
Numbers 197513
Back To Earth197833
Very Best of Cat Stevens19904
Remember Cat Stevens - The Ultimate Collection199931

Hit albums - Yusuf.

Title.year.highest position.
An Other Cup2006 20
Roadsinger2009 10

Hit singles.

Title.year.highest position.
I Love My Dog/ Portobello Road196628
Matthew And Son/ Granny19662
I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun/ School is Out19676
A Bad Night/ The Laughing Apple196720
Kitty/ Blackness of the Night196747
Lady D'Arbanville/ Time19708
Wild World/ Miles From Nowhere197011
Moonshadow/ Father and Son197122
Peace Train/ Where Do the Children Play?19717
Morning Has Broken/ I Want to Live in A Wigwam19716
Can't Keep it in/ Carb Dance197213
Sitting/ Crab Dance197216
The Hurt/ Silent Sunlight197331
Oh Very Young/100 I Dream197410
Another Saturday Night/ Home in the Sky19746
Ready/ I Think I See The Light197426
Two Fine People/ A Bad Penny197533
Banapple Gas/ Ghost Town197641
(Remember The Days of the) Old Schoolyard/Doves197744
(Remember The Days of the) Old Schoolyard/ Land O'Free Love197733
Was Dog a Dougnut/ Sweet Jamaica197770 
Bad Brakes/ Nascimento197883
Father and Son2004 2

Book: "The Boy Who Looked At The Moon: The Life and Times of Cat Stevens" by D Evans (1995)

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