Steve Tilston (born 1950)

English singer-songwriter, singing the occasional traditional song.

(Steve has recorded with John Renbourn)
(Steve is the father of Martha Tilston.)


Title.year.Label. Number
An Acoustic Confusion1971   
Collection1972 TransatlanticTRA 252
Songs From the Dress Rehearsal1977   
[Reissue]2005 Market Square  
In for a Penny, In for a Pound1982   
Life by Misadventure1987   
[Reissue]2007 Market Square  
Music of O'Carolan1988   
[Reissue]1994 Shanachie  
Swans at Coole1990   
The Greening Wind 1972 - 19921992   
And So It Goes1996 Flying Fish  
Life Hemistry 2001   
Such and Such2003 Market Square  
Songs for the Dress Rehearsal2005   
Of Many Hands (*)2005 Ada  
Reaching Back (Box) (4 CDs) (**) 2007  
Ziggurat 2008Hubris 

(*) this is his only collection of folk songs
(**) with contributions by Fairport Convention, Wizz Jones, Ralph McTell, Dolores Keane and Coope Boyes and Simpson.

Albums - Steve Tilston and Maggie Boyle.

Silently the Snow Falls1988 
Of Moor and Mesa1992 
All Under the Sun1996 

Anthology - Wizz Jones, Ian A Anderson, Steve Tilston, Dave Peabody et al.

Title. year. Label.
Ghosts From The Basement: Lost Songs Dreams and Folkadelica (*) 2010Weekend Beatnik 

(* Full Title: Ghosts From The Basement: Lost Songs Dreams and Folkadelica from the Vaults of the Village Thing 1970 - 1974)

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