Lal Waterson and Oliver Knight

English singers performing their own compositions influenced by folk songs. .

(Lal has recorded as a member of The Watersons.)

Album - Lal Waterson and Oliver Knight.

Once In A Blue Moon1996 TopicTSCD478
[Reissue]2009 Topic?
A Bed of Roses 1999 TopicTSCD505
[Reissue] 2006 Topic?

Best Albums(*) - Lal Waterson.

Bright Phoebus [Lal and Mike Waterson]1972
Once In A Blue Moon 1996

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Anthology - Lal Waterson, Dick Gaughan, Aly Bain, Boys of the Lough, et al.

Never The Same2005  

Tribute album - Alasdair Roberts, et al.

Migrating Bird - The Songs of Lal Waterson2007  

Compilation - Lal Waterson.

The Definitive2003 HighpointHPO 6003 

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