Kathryn Williams (b 1974)

English singer-songwriter. Also plays guitar.


Dog Leap Stairs 1999  
Little Black Numbers2000 East West8573899242
Old Low Light2002 East West0927475522
The Quickening2010 One Little Indian 

Hit albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
Little Black Numbers2001 70
Old Low Light 2002 56

Album tracks.

Little Black Numbers Running time 43 minutes 52 seconds. Released 2000. Kathryn Williams (vocals, guitar), Laura Reid (cello), Alex Tustin (drums, congas, bongos, tambourine, shaker), David Scott (classical guitar, vocals), Jonny Bridgwood (double bass), Laura Mundy (flute), Emma Williams (vocals), Mike Latham (vocals), Dan Robinson (tablas), Dan Moscardini (12 string guitar, hammond, vocals, glockenspiel), Neil Le Flohic (vocals), Amy Reid (saxophone), Dan Robinson (piano).



1. We Dug A HoleKathryn Williams
2. Soul To FeetKathryn Williams
3. StoodKathryn Williams
4. Jasmine HoopKathryn Williams
5. Fell Down FastKathryn Williams
6. FlickerKathryn Williams
7. IntermissionLaura Reid/Kathryn Williams
8. Tell The Truth As If It Were LiesKathryn Williams
9. Morning SongKathryn Williams
10. ToocanKathryn Williams
11. Each Star We SeeKathryn Williams/Dan Moscardi
12. We Came Down From The TreesKathryn Williams

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