Albion Band

English Folk-Rock band playing traditional and contemporary songs and instrumentals. Many changes in line-up over 25 years.

(From the sleeve-notes to "No Roses", written by Geoff Wall February 2004.
"The lion photograph on the front is at Eltham Palace where Ashley and I 
used to go from Blackheath when the kids were at school. And the album's title 
comes from : 'A week before Easter the day bright and clear, the sea it shone 
brightly and keen blew the air. I went down to the forest to gather fine flowers,
but the forest can yield me no roses'. I thought it was perfect. But it is a bit 
subtle, and also it's a song that not many people would necessarily know. It 
just felt right the instant I quoted it. 'No Roses' and there it was!") 

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