Scottish band singing mainly traditional British songs and playing traditional British tunes.

(Sean O'Rourke has also recorded with JSD and with Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor)


Alba1977Rubber RecordsRUB 021

Anthology - Alba, the Buskers, Sean McGuire, Wynters Armoury.

Up The Town1980 RubberRUB 039 

Album Tracks.

Alba. Recorded 1977.
Running time ?? minutes ?? seconds. Alan Macleod (highland bagpipes, bodhran), Tony Cuffe (guitar, lyre, whistle, vocals), Sean O'Rourke (vocals, bazouki, flute, whistle), Mike Ward (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals) 

Glen Rinnes/The Jig of Slurs 
The Overgate 
Kings Favourite 
Van Diemen's LandTrad
The Mermaid's Song/John Murray of Lochee/Pipe Major George Allen 
The Blacksmith's Reel/The Star of MunsterTrad
Fear Ah Bhata 
Drummond Castle/Paddy's Leather Breeches 
Captain Ward 
The Garten Mother's LullabyTrad
The Geese In The Bog.Dr McInees' Fancy 

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