Scottish/Irish group playing mostly traditional tunes. A few songs in English and Gaelic.

(Gordon Gunn has also recorded with Session A9 and the Gordon Gunn Band.)


Title.year.Label. No
Anam1994 Anam Records  CACD 01
Saoirse1995 Anam RecordsCACD 02
First Footing1997 JVC MusicJVC9011-2
[Reissue]2003 Linn RecordsCKD 135
Riptide1998 JVC MusicJVC9034-2
[Reissue]1998 Green Linnet3121
[Reissue]2000 LinnCKD 134
Tine Gheal (Bright Fire)2000 Linn RecordsCKD 121


Title. year. Label. No.
Tine Gheal/ Riptide/ First Footing (*) 2005 Linn 

(* Box set of 3 CDs)

Best Albums(*).

Riptide 1998

(*) Based on critical opinion.

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