Alistair Anderson (born 1948)

English player of concertina, Northumbrian pipes and other instruments. Material is often from North-East England.

(Alistair Anderson has recorded with The High Level Ranters, Kathryn Tickell, Cut and Dry Dolly, Syncopace and solo)


Plays English Concertina1972Trailer LER 2074
Concertina Workshop1974 Topic12FRS501
[Reissue]2008 Free ReedFRRR 15
Corby Crag1978Topic  12TS371
Dookin' For Apples1979Topic 12TS402
Steel Skies1981Topic  12TS427
[Reissue]2009 Topic  
The Grand Chain (*)1988 Black CrowCRO216
On Cheviot Hills (**)1999White Meadow RecordsWMR 2002CD 
Airplay (***)2002 ProvocateurPVC1032

(* with the Steel Skies Band and Will Atkinson, Bob Fox, Joe Hutton, Willy Taylor.)
(** The Lindseys and Alistair Anderson.)
(*** by "Northern Lights" - Annie Whitehead and Alistair Anderson - trombone and concertina - It's jazz!.)

Albums - Alistair Anderson and The Lindsays.

On Cheviot Hills1999 White Meadow RecordsWMR 2002CD 

Collaboration - Steve Tilston, Duck Baker, Seth Austen, Angelo Eleuteri, Toni Hinnigan et al.

Music of O'Carolan Arranged for Fingerpicked Guitar, Concertina, Northumberland Pipes, Cello, Flute and Hammered Dulcimer1993 Shanachie?

Anthology - High Level Ranters, Dick Gaughan, Alistair Anderson, Nic Jones, Ray Fisher et al.

Our Folk Music Heritage1975 TrailerLETSAM 2087 

Anthology - Johnny Handle, Colin Ross, Ed Pickford, Don Stokoe, Alistair Anderson et al.

Canny Neewcassel: Ballads and Songs From Newcastle and Thereabouts1972Topic ?


Title. year. Label.
Traditional Tunes1977 Topic

Alistair Anderson as a member of "Cut and Dry Dolly".

Cut and Dry: Collection of Northumbrian Pipe Tunes Featuring Alistair Anderson1976Topic12TS278
Cut and Dry No 21980Topic12TS413
Wind In The Reeds2001TopicTSCD529

Alistair Anderson as session musician.

Richard ThompsonAmnesia1988 CapitolEST 2075

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