Tom Anderson and Aly Bain

Shetlanders playing Scottish tunes on fiddles.

(Aly Bain has recorded with Boys of the Lough, and solo. Tom Anderson 1910 - 1991)

Tom Anderson and Aly Bain.

Title.year.Label. Number
The Silver Bow: Shetland Folk Fiddling Vol 11976 Topic  12TS281
[Reissue] 1993 TopicTSCD469
Shetland Folk Fiddling Vol 21978 Topic12TS379

Collaboration - Tom Anderson, Willie Johnson.

Scottish Violin Music Vol 21963 WaverleyZLP 2015 

Group work - Shetland Fiddlers Society.

Da Forty Fiddlers Entertain (EP)1964 Shetland Fiddlers SocietyTDS5663

Collaboration - Tom Anderson and Marjory Smith.

Shetland Fiddle Music (EP)? Thule RecordsSNI214

Group work - Shetland Fiddlers.

Shetland Fiddlers On Stage 1975 Thule RecordsSLP 116
Shetland Fiddlers1973 Leader RecordsLED 2052

Anthology - Willy Henderson, Bobbie Jamieson, Andrew Polson, Tom Anderson et al.

Scottish Tradition 4: Shetland Fiddle Music 1973 TangentTNGM117


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