Jack Armstrong (1904 - 1978)

Northumbrian piper. (Also "Jack Armstrong and his Northumbrian Barnstormers")

(From 1949 to 1971 Jack was the official piper to the Duke of Northumberland)


Celebrated Minstrel - Northumbria Vol 11974 Saydisc SDL252

Albums - Jack Armstrong and Patricia Jennings.

Northumbrian Small Pipes1969 Clock Tower MTN3074


Title. year. Label. Number
Chevy Chase/ Rothbury Hills1949 Manor Record CoM506
Meggie's Foot1954 BBC20604
Lads of Alnwick1954 BBC20605
Morpeth Lasses1954 BBC21484
Jack Armstrong and His Northumberland Barnstormers 1955HMV B10806
Rothbury Hills/ Redesdale Hornpipe ?EMIEP84
Border Fray/ Come Over The Stream Charlie ?EMIEP84
North County Dances (EP)1959 HMV7EG 8455
Northumbrian Pipe Music (EP) 1969BeltonaCEP 43

Anthology - various artists.

Northumberland Minstrelsy (EFDSS)1969 Concert HallAM2339
Rothbury Hills - Northumbrian Pipe Tunes1978FolktracksTFSA30.122
Bagpipes of Britain and Ireland (*)1996Saydisc 
Patchwork Europe - Early Recordings (1911 1954) (**)2006WergoSM1626-2

(* Seamus Ennis, McPeake Family, Felix Doran, Jack Armstrong, Pipe Major William Ross.)
(** Jack Armstrong and his Northumberland Barnstormers.)

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