Battlefield Band

Scottish traditional instrumental and vocal group. They also play their own compositions.

(The main members are/have been Alan Reid (keyboards, vocals, harpsichord), John McCusker (fiddle, mandolin, cittern, tin whistle, penny whistle, keyboards), Mike Katz (bagpipes, penny whistle, tin whistle, bass guitar), Davey Steele (vocals, guitar, cittern), Brian McNeill (vocals, fiddle))
(Brian McNeill has recorded solo. He is also a novelist)
(Iain MacDonald has recorded with Ossian)
(John McCusker has recorded with Parcel o'Rogues, solo, Blazin' Fiddles and Kate Rusby)
(Ged Foley has recorded with Patrick Street and The House Band)
(Dougie Pincock has recorded with Kentigern)
(Jim and Sylvia Barnes recorded with Kentigern and as a duo)
(Jim Barnes died in 2004)
(Davey Steele and Mike Katz have recorded with Ceolbeg)
(Davey Steele has recorded with Drinkers Drouth, Gael Free, Clan Alba, Caledon)
(Davey Steele died in 2001)
(Karine Polwart has recorded with Malinky)
(Alison Kinnaird has recorded solo)
(Alistair Russell has recorded solo)
(Alan Reid has recorded solo)
(Pat Kilbride has recorded solo and with The Kipps Bay Ceilidh Band)
(Duncan MacGillivray has played with The Ghillies)
(There is a Polish heavy metal band called "Battlefield", and German heavy metal band called "Battlefield")


Battlefield Band1976 ArfolkSB 349
[Reissued as "Volume 2"?]1976 ArfolkSB 358
[Reissue]1977 Topic12TS 313
[Reissue]1994 Temple 
[Reissue]2007 Temple 
At The Front1978 Topic12TS 381 
[Reissue]1994 Temple 
[Reissue] 2000 Music And Words 
Stand Easy1979 Topic12TS 404 
Preview (E.P.)1980 TempleETP 10 
Home Is Where The Van Is1980 TempleTP 005 
[Reissue]1981 Flying FishFF 250
[Reissue]? SprigganSPR 006
[Reissue]1994 Temple 
[Reissue]2007 Temple 
The Story So Far1982Temple 
There's A Buzz1982Temple 
[Reissue]1994 Temple 
[Reissue] 2007Temple 
Anthem For The Common Man1984Temple 
[Reissue]1994 Temple 
[Reissue] 2002 Temple 
[Reissue] 2007 Temple 
On The Rise1986Temple 
[Reissue]1992 Temple 
[Reissue]2007 Temple 
Music In Trust vol 11986Temple 
[Reissue]1995 Temple 
Celtic Hotel1987  
[Reissue]1994 Temple 
Music In Trust vol 21988  
[Reissue]1993 Temple 
Home Ground - Live From Scotland1989  
[Reissue]1995 Temple 
[Reissue] 2007Temple 
New Spring1991  
[Reissue]2007 Temple 
Quiet Days1992  
[Reissue]2007 Temple 
Across The Borders1997 TempleCOMCD 2065 
[Reissue]2007 Temple 
Live Celtic Folk Music1998 Munich 
Rain, Hail or Shine1998 Temple 
Leaving Friday Harbour1999  
[Reissue]2007 Temple 
Happy Daze2001 TempleCOMD 2085 
Time and Tide2002 TempleCOMD 2090
Out For The Night2004 TempleCOMD 2094 
Road of Tears2006 Temple 
Dookin'2007 Temple 
Zama Zama: Try Your Luck2009 Temple 

Multi-volume Albums.

Title Year. Label. number.
Stand Easy & Preview 2007Temple?
Music in Trust Vol 1 and 2 (2CDs) 2007Temple 


After Hours - Forward to Scotland's Past1987 Temple 
Opening Moves (*)1993 TempleTSCD 468
Threads 1995 Temple 
Best of the Battlefield Band2007 Temple 
(* Tracks taken from "Battlefield Band", "At the Front" and "Stand Easy")

Best albums(*).

Home is Where the Van Is 1980
Across The Borders 1997
Celtic Hotel 1987
Opening Moves1993

(*) Based on critical opinion.

Anthology - Battlefield Band, Alison Kinnaird, Jimmy Hutchidson, Dougie Pincock, Mike Katz et al.

The Portaits and the Music2007 Temple?

Anthology - Battlefield Band, Ewan MacColl, Martin Carthy, June Tabor Brass Monkey, Martin Simpson, A.L. Lloyd, Walter Pardon, Dick Gaughan, Silly Sisters, Shirley Collins, John Kirkpatrick, Harry Cox et al.

Simply Folk: 4 CDs of Essential Folk Songs2007 SimplySIMPLYCD039

Popular downloads.

Blackhall Rocks
The Battle of Falkirk Muir
Miss Drummond of Perth/ Fiddler's Joy
Miss Kate Rusby
The Green and The Blue
The Tamosher
The Arran Convict
The Brown Milkmaid/ Dunotter Castle
Jenny Nettles/ The Grays of Tongside


In Concert at the Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh2008 Temple 

Album tracks.

After Hours. Issued in 1987. Tracks taken from "On The Rise" (1986)(3 tracks), "Music In Trust" (1986)(2 tracks), "There's A Buzz"(1982)(3 tracks), "Anthem For The Common Man" (1984)(4 tracks), "Home Is Where The Van Is" (1980)(4 tracks) Running time 57 minutes 43 seconds. Band line-up on this album not given.

1. After Hours/The Green Gates/The Ship In Full SailC McGettigan/Trad/Trad
2. FriderayD Pincock/A Reid
3. A Chance As Good As Any/Reid's RantB McNeill and A Reid
4. AnthemTrad
5. The Dear Green PlaceA Reid
6. Look Across The Water/ Mrs Garden of Troup/ The Keelman Ower LandB McNeill/ Trad/ Trad
7. The Green PlaidTrad
8. Mary CassidyA Reid
9. I Am The Common ManJ Corrie/A Reid
10. The St. Kilda Girl's Lament/The St. Kilda Wedding MarchTrad
11. The Lads O' The FairB McNeill
12. The Sauchiehall Street Salsa (aka McHugh's Other Foot/ The Man With Two Women)J Gahagan/ Trad
13. The Boar and the FoxTrad
14. The Battle of Waterloo/ Kilcoy's March/ The QuakerTrad
15. The Snows of France and HollandB McNeill
16. Bad Moon Rising/ The Rising Moon ReelJ Fogerty/ D Pincock

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