English Dance band playing traditional tunes from UK, France and the Balkans and self-composed tunes. Also contemporary songs.

(Andy Cutting has recorded with June Tabor, Kate Rusby, John McCusker, 1651, The Battlefield Band, Fernhill and Pete Morton)
(Nigel Eaton and Andy Cutting have recorded as duo)
(Andy Cutting has recorded with Karen Tweed as a duo)
(Andy Cutting has recorded with Chris Wood as a duo)
(Nigel Eaton has recorded with the Duelists and Jimmy Page and Robert Plant)

(Andy Cutting, Nigel Eaton and Jo Freya have produced the book "Blowzabella: New Tunes for Dances")


Blowzabella 1982Plant LifePLR 038
In Colour 1983Plant LifePLR 051
Bobbityshooty 1984Osmosys5 016700 101522
Wall of Sound1986Osmosys5 016700 100525
A to B of Blowzabella1987 BZB01 
A Richer Dust1988 Plant LifePLCD 080
[Reissued] Osmosys 
Pingha Frenzy1988Some BizzareGHCD 1 
Vanilla1990 Special DeliverySPDCD 11028 
Octomento2007 Blowzabella1
Dance2010 Blowzabella2


Compilation1988 Osmosys OSMO CD001 

Collaboration - Frankie Armstrong, Brian Pearson, Blowzabella, Jon Gillaspie.

Tam Lin 1984Plant Life PLR 063 

Best Albums(*).

Wall of Sound1986
Compilation 1988

(*) Based on my opinion.

Popular downloads.

Jackie Tar
The New Jigs
Oliver's and Two Beers
One For Sorrow

Anthology - Maddy Prior, Blowzabella, Incredible String Band et al.

Strange Coincidences in Speciality Tea Trading 2005Osmosis OSMO 27 

Album tracks.

Bobbityshooty Running time 44 minutes 2 seconds. Recorded 1984. Released on CD in 1998. Paul James,  Dave Roberts, Dave Shepherd, Jon Swayne, Cliff Stapleton, Dave Armitage.



1. Shave the monkey/Boys of the millPaul James/Cliff Stapleton
2. The Presbyterian Hornpipe/The Red LyonTrad/ Trad arr Shepherd, Swayne
3. La Ronde des millorainesJ-F Duterte
4. Branle de borgogne/Horses branleTrad(French)/Trad(French)
5. BobbityshootyJon Swayne
6. Carl WarkDave Shepherd
7. Eglantine/Man in the brown hat/Schottische Fran Havero/The Minah birdStapleton/ Stapleton/ Trad(Swedish)/ Stapleton
8. The topman and the afterguardTrad (song)
9. The savage hornpipe/ The Gloucestershire miner/ William Taylor's table-top hornpipeTrad/ Trad/ Shepherd
10. Scaramouche/ Kathryn Arwen's marchStapleton/ Stapleton
11. Blowzabella/ Jon's jigTrad / Swayne

The Blowzabella Wall of Sound Running time 44 minutes 44 seconds. Recorded 1986. Released on CD in 1996. Nigel Eaton, Paul James, Ian Luff, Dave Roberts, Dave Shepherd, Jon Swayne .



1. KopenitsaTrad (Bulgarian)
2. Eight Step Waltz/Lisa/Stukka GruppaTrad/Nigel Eaton/Ian Luff
3. Hallowed GroundViolent Femmes (song)
4. Newbury Jig/In The Wood/Sword Dance(Ghost Tune)/Old Wife of CoverdaleJon Swayne/Trad (Eng)/Trad(Eng)/Trad(Eng)
5. Sideways GlancePaul James
6. Roger De Coverley/Trip O'er TweedTrad(Eng)/Trad(Eng)
7. Lyke Wake DirgeTrad(Eng)
8. Finnish Scottish?Trad(?Finnish)
9. Last Chance BourreeMichel Pichon
10. Glass IslandJon Swayne
11. Sinfoniaaka 'Entry of The Queen of Sheba' by GF Handel


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