Ian Bruce (b 1956)

Scottish singer of contemporary and traditional songs.

Albums - Solo.

Mrs Bruce's Boys Vol 1 (*)1980 Rickety Rackety?
Mrs Bruce's Boys Vol 2 (*)1980 LochshoreLOCLP1028
Veil of the Ages (*)1982 LochshoreLOCLP1018
Too Far From She1988 Ruglen Record CompanyLUMS 0101
Free Agent1994 IonaIRCD026
Blodwen's Dream 1995Fellside FECD76
Out of Office 1995Fellside FECD85
The Naked Truth 1995 Ruglen Record CompanyLUMSCD0102
Hodden Grey (Covers Trad Scottish Ballads) 1998Greentrax CDTRAX156
The Orange and the Rowan (**) 2003 Ruglen Record Company  
The Naked Truth Vol 2 2004 Ruglen Record Company LUMSCD0109
The Demons Dance 2005 Ruglen Record Company LUMSCD0110
Alloway Tales2007 LinnCKD112
Rhythm and Burns2010 KRL 

(* Ian and Frazer Bruce).
(** Ian Bruce and Victor Besch).

Albums - The Ian Bruce Breeze Band.

A Kind and Gentle Nature (*) 1996Wild GeeseWGS 277 C 

(* with Paul Hutchinson and Paul Sartin).

Albums - The Ian Bruce Band.

Jigs, Jives and Jacobites: Recorded Live at the Riverside Club2001Linn  AKD173

Anthology - Davy Steele, Christine Kyd, Tony Cuffe, Ian Bruce, James McMenemy, Ian Reid, Gordeanna McCulloch.

Title. year. Label. number.
Auld Lang Syne ?    

Anthology - Karine Polwart, Bobby Eaglesham, Ian Bruce.

Title. year. Label. number.
Complete Songs of Robert Burns Vol 8 2000    

Anthology - Ian Bruce, Wendy Weatherby, Mick West et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Complete Songs of Robert Burns Vol 2 1996Linn CKD 051
Complete Songs of Robert Burns Vol 3 1997Linn CKD 062
Complete Songs of Robert Burns Vol 12 2002Linn CKD 201
Complete Songs of Robert Burns (12 CDs)2007Liin CKD 289




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