Joe Burke (b 1939)

Irish accordion player, playing mainly traditional tunes.

(Andy McGann also recorded solo)
(Charlie Lennon, fiddler)
(Brian Conway has recorded solo)


Galway's Own1971 Outlet 
[Reissued as "Pure Irish Traditional Music On The Accordion"] 1997 Pure Traditional Irish 
The Tailor's Choice (*)1983 Green LinnetGLCD1045
[Reissue]1999 Green Linnet 
Happy To Meet & Sorry To Part (**)1986 Green Linnet SIF 1069 
[Reissue]1999 Green Linnet GLCD 1069
The Morning Mist1999 New Century MusicNCMCD100 
A Tribute To Andy McGann: Live (***)2007 Clo Iar ChonnachtaCICD 168
(* with Maire ni Chathasaigh, harp)
(** with Michael Cooney and Terry Corcoran)
(*** with Brian Conway)

Albums - Joe Burke and Charlie Lennon.

Traditional Music of Ireland (*) 1973ShaskeenOS-361
[Reissue] (vinyl) 1983Green Linnet SIF 1084
[Reissue] (CD) 1993Green Linnet GLCD 1084
The Bucks of Oranmore 1996 Green LinnetGLCD 1165
The Morning Mist 2002New Century Music NCMCD100
(* Recorded in 1972 and 1973)

Multi-volume Albums - Joe Burke and Charlie Lennon.

Two Classic Albums (2 CDs)(*)?2007 New Century MusicNCMCD 1012
(* "The Bucks of Oranmore" plus "The Traditional Music of Ireland")

Collaboration - Joe Burke, Andy McGann and Felix Doran.

A Tribute to Michael Coleman1966Shaskeen OS-360 
[Reissue]1994 Green LinnetGLCD 3097
The Funny Reel. Traditional Music Of Ireland1985Shanachie 29012
[Reissue]1999 Shanachie34016

Collaboration - Sean McGuire and Joe Burke.

Two Champions1971 ? 

Best albums(*).

Traditional Music of Ireland1973

(*) Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

The Bucks of Oranmore
Master Crowley's/ The Jug of Punch
The High Reel/ Geoghegans
Raibh Tu ag an gCarrig
Dillon's Fancy/ Toss The Feathers
Brian Boru's March/ Sporting Paddy/ The Traveller

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