Eddie Butcher (1900 - 1980)

Irish singer of  mainly traditional songs.

(born in Aughill, Co Derry)


Adam In Paradise (EP)1969   
[Reissue] 2005 Ulster Folk and Transport Museum UFTM-ITMA101
Shamrock Rose and Thistle 1976 LeaderLED 2070
[Reissue]1982 EEOTEEOT.I
I Was Once A Daysman1976 Free ReedFRR 003

Multi-volume albums.

Ballads and Songs of the North of Ireland (*) 1995Free ReedFRRR 08

(* consists of "I Was Once a Daysman" by Eddie Butcher and "Chaste Muses Bards and Sages" by Joe Holmes and Len Graham)

Anthologies - only one or two tracks by Eddie.

Voice of the People Vol 4: Farewell My Own Dear Native Land (*)1998 TopicTSCD 654
Voice of the People Vol 1: Come Let Us Buy the License1998 TopicTSCD 651
Voice of the People Vol 5: Came All My Lads That Follow The Plough1998 TopicTSCD 655
Voice of the People Vol 6: Tonight I'll Make You My Bride (**)1998 TopicTSCD 656
(* one track only - "Killyclare".)
(** one track only - "Another Man's Wedding".)

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