Packie Byrne (born 1917)

Irish whistle player and singer, playing traditional and contemporary tunes. Singing comic songs and traditional songs.

(Packie Byrne has recorded with Martin Wyndham-Read)
(Packie is the author of the book "Recollections of a Donegal Man")
(Bonnie Shaljean is an American harpist)


Packie Byrne1969EFDSS 
Songs of A Donegal Man1975Topic 12TS257 
From Donegal and Back - Songs Ballads and Whistle Tunes1998Veteran TapesVT132CD 
[Reissue]2002 Veteran 

Collaboration - Packie Byrne and Bonnie Shaljean.

The Half Door1977 DinglesDIN 302
Roundtower 1983Dingles DIN 311


Voice of the People 06: Tonight I'll Make You My Bride (*)1998TopicTSCD653

(**) One Track only - "Molly Bawn", originally recorded 1975

Book: "Recollections of a Donegal Man" by Packie Manus Byrne (1989)

: "A Dossan of Heather: Irish Traditional Music from Packie Manus Byrne of Donegal  for Tinwhistle, Fiddle or Flute" (2001) (with CD)

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