Welsh duo/group performing songs in Welsh and English; some contemporary, some traditional. Also some instrumentals.


Songs and Tunes From Wales1980 Greenwich VillageGVR 214
[Reissue]2001 Greenwich VillageGVRCD 214
You Can Take a White Horse Anywhere 1983Greenwich VillageGVR 224
[Reissue]2001Greenwich VillageGVRCD 224
Dyddiau Gwynion Ionawr (Snowy Days of January)1985 Sain1325M
[Reissue] (cassette)1985 SainC935N
Dwr Glan1990Sain SCD 4025
Trade Winds/ Gwyntoedd Y Mor Hafren1994Sain SCD 2091
A Gower Garland 2000Wildgoose WGS 299
Live in Wanaka, New Zealand2006Gin and Rasperry GRCD026


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