Alex Campbell (1925 - 1987)

Scottish vocalist , singing traditional, blues and contemporary songs.

(No relation to Ian Campbell. Recorded "CRM" with Alan Roberts and Dougie MacLean. Alex also recorded with Nigel Denver)


Chansons Populaires Des Etats-Unis1958 Unidisc25119 
Chansons Populaires Des Etats-Unis 21958  
Bahama’s Songs1958  
La Contrescarpe1958  
American’s Square Dance1959  
Let’s Sing While We Work & Play1960  
Songs and Stories of the West1960  
Let’s Listen and Sing to American Folksongs1960 DeccaVL 3733 
Let’s Visit Great Britain1960  
Let's Visit Fairy Tale Lands 1960DeccaVL 73720
Stories and Songs About Food1960 DeccaVL 73728
Stories and Songs About America1960 DeccaVL 3759
Best Love Songs of Bonnie Scotland1963 FidelityFID 2169 
[Reissued as "Best Love songs of Scotland"] ?Fidelity 
Way Out West (LP)1963Society SOC 912
Way Out West (EP) 1964Society 
Folk Session1964 SocietyFID 2171 
Sings Folk1964 ?SOC 960 
The ‘Waag’ International1964 DeltaDE 123 
My Old Gibson Guitar1964 Transatlantic  
In Copenhagen1965 Storyville/PolydorSLP 600 
[Reissue]2003 Storyville 
Alex Campbell1965 TransatlanticXTRA 1014
Alex Campbell, Colin Wilkie and Shirley Hart Sing Folk 1965 PrestoPRE 648
Yours Aye, Alex1966 TransatlanticXTRA 1041
And His Friends (*)1967 Saga/ EROS8021 
… At The Tivoli Gardens1967 Storeyville/EROS671 207 
[Reissue]2003 Storyville 
Live1968 SagaEROS 8028
The Scottish Breakaway1968 HallmarkHM 573 
Sampler1969Transatlantic  TRA SAM 6 
This Is Alex Campbell 11971TepeeARPS-1
This Is Alex Campbell 21972Tepee ARPS-2
Life Is Just That Way1972Transatlantic  
At His Best1972Boulevard 4073 
Big Daddy of Folk Music1976Boulevard/ Antagon3206 
Goodbye Booze1975 BASFRECA RLP 5004 
No Regrets1976Boulevard/ Look RecordsLKLP 6043 
Traditional Ballads of Scotland1978  SFA 095
Dt Er Goodt At Se Dig1979  STUK 431
Live and Studio1979 Happy Bird90031 
[Reissued]2004 Osmosys 
Live in Belgium1981 CCC RecordsCCC811
With The Greatest Respect1987  SDLP 2.048 

(* includes 3 songs sung by Sandy Denny)


Been on the Road So Long (*) 2005CastleCRMCD 1168 

(* includes contribution by Sandy Denny)

Best Albums(*).

… At The Tivoli Gardens 1967

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Anthology - Danny Kyle, Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor, Alex Campbell, Dominic Behan, The Laggan et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Unity Creates Strength1972 Nevis NEV R007

Anthology - Lorna Campbell, Luke Kelly, Isla Cameron, Owen Hand, Alex Campbell, et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
The Best of British Folk Musicc 1967Transatlantic  XTRA 1031 

Anthology - Hamish Imlach, Isla Cameron, Owen Hand, Alex Campbell, Donovan, Ralph McTell et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
The Ultimate Folk Collection (3 CDs) 1999    

Anthology - Alex Campbell, Hamish Imlach et al.

Album title. year Label. Number.
Border Lands - The  Best of Scottish Folk (3 CDs) 2006 ? ?

Singles (45 rpm).

Been on the Road So Long/ Night Visiting Song1965 ??
Victoria Dines Alone/ Pack Up Your Sorrows 1968  

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