The Ian Campbell Folk Group

Scottish and English group singing mainly traditional British folk songs. A few instrumentals. Some songs written by Ian Campbell.

(Dave Swarbrick has recorded with Fairport Convention, Martin Carthy and solo)
(Dave Pegg has recorded with Fairport Convention, The Albion Band, Jethro Tull, Philip Pickett, Nick Drake, Chris Leslie and solo)

Albums and EPs.

Ceilidh At The Crown (EP) 1962 TopicTOP 76
Songs of Protest (EP) 1962Topic TOP 82
This Is…1962 TransatlanticTRA 1110b
[Reissued as "Presenting The Ian Campbell Folk Group"]1964 Contour2870 314  
Across The Hills1964Transatlantic  TRA 118
The Ian Campbell Folk Group (EP)1964Decca DFE 8592
Contemporary Campbells1965Transatlantic TRA 137
Coaldust Ballads1965Transatlantic TRA 123
Contemporary Campbells1966Transatlantic TRA 137
Four Highland Songs (EP)1966Transatlantic TRA EP 146
The Rights Of Man1966Elektra 
New Impressions of ..1966Transatlantic TRA 151
The Circle Game1968Transatlantic TRA 163
Tam O'Shanter1968Xtra 
Cock Doth Craw1968 TransatlanticXTRA 1061
Ian Campbell and the Ian Campbell Folk Group with Dave Swarbrick1969Music For PleasureMFP 1349 LP
The Sun Is Burning - The Songs of Ian Campbell1971Argo ZFB 13
Something to Sing About1972Pye PKL 5506
And Another Thing 1993Celtic Music CMCD 070

Multi-volume albums.

This is The Ian Campbell Folk Group/ Across The Hills1996CastleESM 357
Contemporary Campbell/New Impressions1997Essential/ Castle523


A Sample of the Ian Campbell Folk Group (EP) 1965TransatlanticTRA EP 128
The Ian Campbell Group Sampler 1969Transatlantic TRA SAM 4
The Times They Are A-Changin' (2 CDs) 2005Sanctuary 1072

Best albums(*).

Title. year.
This is The Ian Campbell Folk Group/ Across The Hills 1996
The Sun is Burning1971

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Anthologies - Owen Hand, Ian Campbell Folk Group, Anne Briggs, Lou Killen, Matt McGinn, Hamish Imlach, Jill Doyle et al.

Edinburgh Folk Festival vol 11963Decca LK 4546
Edinburgh Folk Festival vol 2 1964Decca LK 4563


Folk Songs: Topic Sampler No 11964 Topic12T114
Topic Sampler Number 2: Folk Songs1964 TopicTPS 145
The World of Folk1971 Argo 
The Songs of Bob Dylan1993 Sequel 
Troubadours of English Folk Vol 1 - Unearthing the Tradition 1995   
(* with Ray Fisher, Anne Briggs, Archie Fisher and the Ian Campbell Folk Group)

Various artists - Ian Campbell, Bob Davenport, Lou Killen, Redd Sullivan, Dave Swarbrick, Cyril Tawney.

Farewell Nancy: Sea Songs and Shanties 1964Topic12T110 
[Reissued as "Blow The Man Down"] (*) 1993Topic TSCD464

(* Extra tracks by Ewan MacColl, Harry H Corbett, Sam Larner, The Watersons, Bob Hart, A.L. Lloyd ).

Anthology, Various artists - Ian Campbell Folk Group, Ethnic Shuffle Band, Steeleye Span, Dave Swarbrick, Albion, Shelagh Macdonald, Etchingham Steam Band,  Marc Ellington et al.

Fairport Convention: Loose Chippings from the Fairport Convention Family Tree2006Castle  

Anthology - Ian Campbell Folk Group, Fairport Convention, The Dylan Project and Dave Pegg.

A Box of Pegg's (4 CDs) (*)2007  

Collaboration - A.L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Louis Killen, Ian Campbell, Cyril Tawney, Sam Larner and Harry H. Corbett.

Blow the Man Down (EP)1956Topic TSCD464
[Reissue][with bonus tracks] 1993TopicTSCD464

Anthology - Erik Darling, Cynthia Gooding, The Ian Campbell Folk Group, Ewan MacColl, Irish Ramblers, Susan Reed et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Folk Box1964 Elektra EKL 9001

Single (45 rpm).

The Sun is Burning/ The Crow on the Cradle1963 Topic1SE0049915 
Marilyn Monroe/ the Bells of Rhymney 1964DECCA F.11802
Kelly From Killane/ Boys of Wexford (with Boys From Wexford) 1965Transatlantic TRA SP 2
The Times they Are A-Changin' Across The Hills1965 TransatlanticTRA SP 5
Come Kiss Me/ The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face 1966Transatlantic TRA SP 6
Guantanemera/ Any Anne1966 TransatlanticTRA SP 7
One Eyed Reilly/ Snow is Falling (Ian Campbell solo) 1966Transatlantic TRA SP 10
Lover Let Me In/ Private Harold Ham's (as Ian Campbell Four) 1967  
Break My Mind/ Govan Cross Special (Ian Campbell solo) 1969  

Popular downloads.

The Times They Are A-Changin'
Dirty Old Town
Doctor Junk
Net Hauling Song
The Keeper

Hit singles.

Title.year.highest position.
The Times They Are A-Changin'1965 42


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