Martin Carthy (born 1940)

English vocalist and guitarist, singing mainly traditional English songs.

(Martin's date of birth is frequently given as 1941)
(Martin Carthy also recorded with The Albion Band, Steeleye Span, The Watersons, Waterson-Carthy, Brass Monkey, Blue Murder, John Kirkpatrick, Maddy Prior, Roy Bailey, Bob Davenport, Peter Bellamy, Paddie Bell, Three City Four, Nigel Denver and Tom Gilfellon)


From a London Hootenanny (EP)(*)1963Decca 
Martin Carthy1965Fontana/Polygram STL 5269
[Reissue] 1977Topic 12TS 340
Second Album (**) 1966Fontana STL 5362
[Reissue] 1977Topic 12TS 341
Landfall1971Philips 6309 049 
[Reissue]1996 TopicTSCD345
Sweet Wivelsfield1974Deram RecordsSML 1111
Shearwater 1975Mooncrest CREST 25
[Reissue] ?Pegasus PEG 12
Crown Of Horn1976Topic 12TS300 
Because It's There1979Topic12TS 289
Out Of The Cut1982Gama/Topic12TS 426
Right Of Passage (LP)1988Topic 12TS452 
Right Of Passage (CD)1988 Topic TSCD452
Signs Of Life1998Topic12TS503
Waiting For Angels2004TopicTSCD527
At Ruskin Mill (2 CDs)2005 Musical Tradition Records MTCD403-4 

(* The Thameside Four and Davy Graham)
The Thamesiders included Martin Carthy
(** with Dave Swarbrick, though his name did not appear on the front cover of this release)

Live Albums.

Kershaw Sessions 1994Strange RootsROOT CD2 
January Man: Live In Belfast 1978 2001Hux 


The Word Is?TrailerLER 3015
This is ... Martin Carthy: The Bonny Black Hare and other  songs1972Phillips6282 022
The Collection (CD) 1993Green LinnetGLCD 1136
Rigs of the Times: The Best of Martin Carthy 1993Music Club MCCD 145
A Collection 1999TopicTSCD750
Carthy Chronicles (box set) (4 CDs) (*)2001 Free ReedFRQCD 60 

(* Individually numbered as CD1: "Classic Carthy" FRCD 61 CD2: "Carthy in Company" FRCD 62, CD3: "Carthy Contemporaries" FRCD 63 and CD4: "Child Carthy" FRCD 64)

Best Albums(*).

Second Album 1966
Martin Carthy1965
A Collection 1999
The Carthy Chronicles 2001

(*) Based on critical opinion.


70 Golden Nursery Rhymes(*)1979TempoSTMP 9031
The Old Songs (**)1984Greenwich Village RecordsGVR 225
Beat The Retreat (vinyl) 1994EMIEST 2242 (UK)
[Reissue] (CD)1994Capitol95929 (USA)
[Reissue] (CD)2006EMI7243 8 31482 2 6/CDEST 2242
Martins 4 (+)2004  
The Imagined Village (***)2007Real World 
(* with Shirley Collins, Isla St Clair and Percy Edwards)
(** with John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris, Martin Wyndham-Read,
Maggie Goodall, Mick Doonan and Bob Thomas)
(+ Martin Carthy, Martin Simpson, Juan Martin and John Martyn)
(***) with Eliza Carthy, Paul Weller, Chris Wood, Billy Bragg, Simon Emmerson and Benjamin Zephaniah

Anthology - The Spinners, Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor, Martin Carthy, The Wolftones, The Corries, Julie Felix, Wally Whyton, the McPeakes et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Folk Favourites 1970Contour 6870 636

Anthology - Frankie Armstrong, Maddy Prior, Cyril Tawney, The Watersons, Peta Webb, A.L. Lloyd, Roy Bailey, Linda Adams, Peter Bellamy, Patti Reid, John Kirkpatrick, Martin Carthy, Shirley Collins, Swan Arcade, June Tabor et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Voices - English Traditional Song 1992 Fellside FECD87 

Anthology - Martin Carthy, Sue Harris and John Kirkpatrick, Steve Ashley, Home Service et al.

Album title. year Label. Number.
All Through The Year - A Calendar in Music and Song 1991Hokey PokeyHPR 2002.2

Various artists - Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys.

Album title. year Label. Number.
Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys (2 CDs)(*) 2006 Anti- G817-2
(* two tracks only: "The Mermaid" and "Hog-Eye Man")

Anthology - Peter Bellamy, Frankie Armstrong, Bob Fox and Stu Luckley, Martin Carthy, Malinky, Alva, Magpie Lane et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Songs of Witchcraft and Magic2007 Wild GooseWGS341CD

Single (45 rpm).

Bonny Lass of Anglesey1963 TopicSTOP7002 


The Art of Fingerstyle Guitar (*) 2004 
Martins 4 (**) 2005 
British Fingerstyle Guitar 2007 
Sound Techniques - Guitar Maestros Series 12008 
(* John Renbourn, Martin Carthy, Stefan Grossman and Bob Brozman)
(** Martin Carthy, Martin Simpson, Martin Taylor and Juan Martin)

DVD - various artists.

70 Golden Nursery Rhymes1982 Longman Video
Fingerstyle Guitar - New Dimensions and Explorations Vol 3 (*)1994 
(* Steve Howe, Larry Coryell, Martin Carthy, Tim Sparks, Martin Taylor)

Martin Carthy as session singer.

Performer. Titleyear.Label.number.
Paddie BellPaddie Herself1965   
Mike WatersonBright Phoebus1972   
AlbionBattle of the Field1973  
Tom GilfellonIn the Middle of the Tune1976 Topic12TS282 
Leon RosselsonTemporary Loss of Vision1983 FuseCF 384
Loudon WainwrightMore Love Songs1986   
Linda Thompson Versatile Heart2007   

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Album tracks.

Landfall. Recorded in 1971. Issued on CD in 1996. Running time 57 minutes 43 seconds. Solo work by Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar).

1. Here's Adieu To All Judges and JuriesTrad
2. Brown AdamTrad
3. O'er The HillsTrad
4. Cruel MotherTrad
5. Cold Haily Windy NightTrad
6. His Name Is AndrewAckles
7. The Bold PoachersTrad
8. Dust To DustJ Kirkpatrick
9. The Broomfield HillTrad
10. January ManDave Goulder

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