Celtic Fiddle Festival

An Irish fiddler, a Scots fiddler and a Breton fiddler, sharing their traditions. The Englishman plays rhythm guitar.

(Kevin Burke (fiddle), Christian Lemaitre (fiddle) Johnny Cunningham (fiddle), Ged Foley (guitar). When Johnny Cunningham died in 2003, French-Canadian Andre Brunet (From La Bottine Souriante) took his place)


Celtic Fiddle Festival1993 Green LinnetGLCD 1133
Celtic Fiddle Festival (cassette)1993 Green Linnet 
Encore [Live]1998Green LinnetGLCD 1189
Rendezvous2001 Green LinnetGLCD 1216
Play On2005 Green LinnetGLCD 1230
Equinoxe2008 LoftusLM003

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Celtic Fiddle Festival1993

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Album tracks.

Encore. Recorded at various concerts 23rd - 28th September 1997. Released on CD in 1965. Released on CD in 1997. Mixed by Johnny Cunningham,. Engineers: Roy Williams and Steve Rusby.
Running time 65 minutes 58 secs. Kevin Burke (fiddle), Johnny Cunningham (fiddle), Christian Lemaître (fiddle), Soîg Sïberil (guitar).



1. Ward's Favourite/ The Morning Star/ The Star of Munster/ Laington's Reel All traditional
2. La Jolie Batelière/ Ronder de Loudéac Trad/ Trad
3. Hector the Hero Trad
4. Mrs Kenny's/ Gowden Locks/ Sweeny's Buttermilk/ I Haven't Heard From Johnny Yet/ Les Ridees du Printemps Trad/ Trad/ Brendan McGlinchey/ Christian Lemaître/ Soîg Siberil
5. Up in the Air/ Across the Black River/ All In Good Time Kevin Burke and Michael O Domhnaill/ Kevin Burke/ Kevin Burke
6. Marche et Gavottes pourlet Trad
7. Johnny's Big Set: Lochinside/ Christmas Day in the Morn'/ The Pub Jig/ Hurricane Bob/ The Ale is Dear/ The Fairy Dance Trad/ Trad/ Trad/ Johnny Cunningham/ Trad/ Trad
8. Teolena/ Marche de roskonval/ Sandizan Soig Siberil/ Trad/ Soîg Siberil
9. Ton Bale Pier Baudouin/ Dans fisel Pier Bauduin/ Trad
10. Farewell to Ireland/ Foxhunter's Reel Trad/ Trad
11. Two andros/ Andro psg Trad/ Gary Kerdoncuff
12. The Dark Island Trad

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