The Chieftains

Irish instrumental group playing mainly traditional Irish tunes.

(The main members are/have been: Paddy Moloney, Martin Fay, Sean Keane, Derek Bell, Kevin Conneff, Matt Molloy, Michael Tubridy)
(Sean Keane the fiddler has recorded solo and with Matt Molloy)
(Derek Bell has recorded solo)
(Matt Molloy has recorded solo and with Sean Keane)
(Paddy Moloney and Sean Potts have recorded as a duo)
(Paddy Moloney has recorded with Ceoltoiri Cualann)
(The Chieftains have also recorded as backing/session musicians:- - for Mike Oldfield, Art Garfunkel and Joni Mitchell)
(Sean Potts has recorded with Bakerswell)

Original Studio Albums.

11963Claddagh CC 2 
[Reissue]1976 IslandILPS 9364
[Reissue]1978 CBS82986
[Reissue]1980s CladdaghCC 2
[Reissue]1991 Atlantic 
[Reissue]1995 Claddagh 
21969 CladdaghCC 7
[Reissue]1976 IslandILPS 9365
[Reissue]1978 CBS82988
[Reissue]1989 Atlantic 
31971 CladdaghRRC 10
[Reissue]1971 IslandILPS 9379
[Reissue]1978 CBS82987
[Reissue]1989 Vivid Sound 
[Reissue]1999 Claddagh 
41973 CladdaghRRC 14
[Reissue]1976 IslandILPS 9380
[Reissue]1978 CBS82989
[Reissue]1990 Shanachie 
[Reissue]1999 Claddagh 
51975 CladdaghCC 16 
[Reissue]1976 IslandILPS 9334
[Reissue]1978 CBS82991
[Reissue]1990 Shanachie 
[Reissue]1999 Claddagh 
6 - Bonaparte's Retreat1976 IslandILPS 9432 
[Reissue]1976 CladdaghCC 20
[Reissue]1978 CBS82990
71977 CladdaghCC 24 
[Reissue]1978 CBS82814
[Reissue]2002 Columbia 
81978  CBS35726
[Reissue]1979 CBS83262 
[Reissue]  CladdaghCC 29
[Reissue] 1997 Columbia64857
[Reissue] 2002 Sony86019
[Reissue] 2002 Sony Mid-Price5063682
[Reissue] 2008 SBME Special MKTS724235
9 - Boil The Breakfast Early1979 CladdaghCC 30 
[Reissue][UK]1980 CBS84081
[Reissue][USA]1980 CBS36401
10 - Cotton-Eyed Joe (titled "10")1981 Claddagh CC 33 
[Reissue] (titled "10 - Cotton-Eyed Joe") 1991Shanachie 79019
[Reissue] 2000Claddagh 33
The Year Of The French1982 CladdaghCC 36
[Reissue] 1989Shanachie 79036
Concert Orchestra1982Shanachie/Claddagh 
The Chieftains In China1984 Claddagh CC 42 
[Reissue]1999 Shanachie 79050
Celtic Wedding (titled "Celtic Wedding")1987RCA VictorRL 86358 
[Reissue] (titled "Celtic Wedding - Music of Britany") 1998RCA/ BMG 63120
A Chieftains Celebration (titled "Celebration")1989RCA Victor7858-2-RC 
[Reissue] (titled "Celebration") 2004BMG Special Products 48735
[Reissue] (titled "A Chieftains Celebration")2005 Collectibles8487
Bells Of Dublin (live)1991RCA Victor/ BMG09026-60824-2 
[Reissue]2002 RCAVictor 
Another Country1992RCA Victor/ BMG09026-60939-2 
[Reissue]2002 RCA Victor 
The Long Black Veil1995RCA VictorRCA 74321251672 
Santiago1996RCA Victor09026 68602 2
Water From The Well1998 BMG Classics09026-63637-2
Tears Of Stone1999 RCA VictorRCA 9026689682 
Down the Old Plank : The Nashville Sessions 2002 RCA Victor 
Further Down the Old Plank Road2003 BMG82876 52897 2
San Patricio (*) 2010 Hear0888072313217
San Patricio (Deluxe Edition)(CD + DVD)2010 Decca 
(*)(credited to "The Chieftains and Ry Cooder")

Multi-volume albums.

Title Year. Label. number.
From The Beginning (Chieftains 1 - 4)(*) ?Atlantic?
(*)("From The Beginning" consists of the first 4 albums)


Collection vol 2 1980  
The Best Of The Chieftains1992Legacy 
[Reissue]2002 Columbia 
Film Cuts 1996 RCA Victor09026-68438-2
The Very Best of the Claddagh Years Vol 22000 Claddagh 
The Wide World Over2002 RCA VictorRCA 9026639172
The Very Best of the Claddagh Years Vol 12003 Claddagh 
A Chieftains Celebration2006 Cellectables/ Legacy82876 75398 2
Essential 2006Sony BMG 

Live Albums.

The Chieftains Live! 1977IslandILPS 9501 
[Reissue]1978 CBS82985
An Irish Evening - Live At The Grand Opera House, Belfast 1992RCA Victor 
[Reissue]2002 RCA Victor 
Live From Dublin - A Tribute To Derek Bell2005RCA 82876 76237 2RE1


The Chieftains With James Galwayyear.Label.number.
The Chieftains In Ireland 1987  
[Reissue]1990 Red Seal 
Over The Sea To Skye - The Celtic Connection 1990RCA 


The Chieftains/ Belfast Harp Orchestrayear.Label.number.
The Celtic Harp: A Tribute to Edward Bunting 1993RCA Victor 


The Chieftains with Van Morrisonyear.Label.number.
Irish Heartbeat 1988MercuryMERH 124 
[Reissue]1999 Polydor 

Anthology - Bill Whelan, The Pogues, Altan, Clannad, Frances Black, The Chieftains, Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, Nollaig Casey, Davy Spillane, et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
L'Imaginaire Irlandais (*) 1996 Keltia Musique KMCD63 

(* one track only - "Ferny Hill" from "The Long Black Veil".)

Anthology - Various artists including the Chieftains, Van Morrison, Mary Black, Sinead O'Connor, Irish film Orchestra, Mick Moloney, Kevin Conneff, Eileen Ivers, Elvis Costello, Anuna et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Long Journey Home (Original sountrack)(*) 1998RCA Victor ?

(* one track only - "Night that Larry was Stretched/ Jig".)

Soundtrack Albums.

Barry Lyndon1975  
The Grey Fox1984DRG 
The Ballad Of The Irish Horse1986Shanachie 
[Reissue]1985 CladdaghCCF 15
[Reissue]1990 Tara 
The Tailor of Gloucester1988  
[Reissue]1994 Rabbit Ears 
Reel Music: The Film Scores1991RCA 
Film Cuts1995RCA Victor 

Best Albums(*).

Tears Of Stone 1999
Long Black Veil1995
Boil The Breakfast Early1979
Water From The Well2000
10 - Cotton-Eyed Joe1981
The Bells of Dublin1991
Year of the French1982
Celtic Wedding2000
San Patricio2010

(*)Based on critical opinion.


The Chiftains in China (VHS video) 1987 
Portrait of Ireland (*)1989 
In Ireland (**)1991 
Live in China1991 Hendring
An Irish Evening 1991 
The Long Black Veil 1995 BMG Special Products
Gael Force (***)1998 
Live From Nashville2003 RCA
Down the Old Plank Road - The Nashville Sessions2003 RCA Victor
Live Over Ireland - Water From the Well2000 

(*) Credited to "The Chieftains, Enya and James Galway".
(**) Credited to "James Galway and The Chieftains".
(***) Credited to "The Chieftains, Clannad, Sinead O'Connor and Christy Moore".


Title.year.Label. Number
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (*) 1995 RCA74321271702
I Know My Love (**)1999 RCA Victor74321670622
(*) Credited to "The Chieftains With Van Morrison".
(**) Credited to "The Chieftains featuring The Corrs".

Popular downloads.

Boil The Breakfast Early
O'Sullivan's March
The Foggy Dew
The Coombe
Sea Image
Friel's Kitchen
Lots o Drops of Brandy

Hit singles.

Title.year.highest position.
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? (*)1995 71

(*) Credited to "The Chieftains featuring Van Morrison".

Hit albums.

Title.year.highest position.
James Galway and the Chieftains1987 32
Irish Heartbeat (*) 198818
The Long Black Veil1995 17
Tears of Stone1999 36
The World Wide Over 200237
San Patricio (**)2010 93

(*) Credited to "Van Morrison and The Chieftains".
(**) Credited to "The Chieftains Featuring Ry Cooder".

Chieftains 1. Recorded 1963. 
Paddy Moloney (uillean pipes, tin whistle), Martin Fay (fiddle), Seán Potts (tin whistle), Dave Fallon (bodhran), Michael Tubridy (flute, concertina, tin whistle). 
Title. Author.
1. Se Fath Mo Bhuartha/ The Lark on the Strand/ An Fhallaingin Mhuimhneach/ Trim The VelvetTraditional
2. An Combra Donn/ Murphy's (better known as Teahan's Favourite)Traditional
3. Cailin Na Grunigne DoinneTraditional
4. Comb Your Hair and Curl It/ The Boys of BallisodareTraditional
5. The Musical Priest/ The Queen of May (better known as The Green Fields of Rosbeigh) Traditional
6. The Walls of LiscarrollTraditional
7. A Dhruimfhionn Donn DilisTraditional
8. Connemara Stockings/ The Limestone Rock/ Dan Breen'sTraditional
9. Casadh An TsugainTraditional
10. The Boyln The GapTraditional
11. Saint Mary's/ Church Street/ Garrett Barry's/ The Battering Ram/ Kitty Goes A-Milking/ Rakish Paddy Traditional

Chieftains 2. Recorded 1969. 
Paddy Moloney (uillean pipes, tin whistle), Martin Fay (fiddle), Seán Potts (tin whistle), Sean Keane (fiddle), Peadar Mercier (bodhran), Michael Tubridy (flute, concertina, tin whistle). 
1. Banish Misfortune/ Gillian's ApplesTraditional
2. Seoirse BrabstonTraditional
3. Bean An Fhir Rua O'Carolan
4. An Phis Fhliuch/ O'Farrell's Welcome To LimerickTraditional
5. An Pastin Fionn/ Mrs Crotty's/ The Mountain TopTraditional
6. The FoxhuntTraditional
7. An Mhaighdean MHara/ Tie The bonnet/ O'Rourke's ReelTraditional
8. Callaghan's Hornpipe/ Byrne's HornpipeTraditional
9. Pigtown/ Tie The Ribbons/ The Bag of PotatoesTraditional
10. The Humours of Whiskey/ Hardiman The FiddlerTraditional
11. Donall OgTraditional
12. Brian Boru's MarchTraditional
13. Sweeney's Polka. Denis Murphy's Polka/ The Scartaglen PolkaTraditional

Chieftains 3. Recorded 1971. 
Paddy Moloney (uillean pipes, tin whistle), Martin Fay (fiddle, bones), Seán Potts (tin whistle), Sean Keane (fiddle), Peadar Mercier (bodhran, bones), Michael Tubridy (flute, concertina, tin whistle). Guest: Pat Kilduff (lilting on "The Hunter's Purse" and "Merrily Kiss The Quaker"). Producer: Gareth a Brun (Gareth Browne). Liner notes by San MacReamoinn, Hamish Henderson and Susannah York.
1. Strike The Gay Harp/ Lord Mayo/ The Lady On The Island/ The Sailor On The Rock Traditional
2. Sonny's Mazurka/ Tommy Hunt's jigTraditional
3. Eibhli Gheal Chiuin Ni Chearbhaill/ Bright Quiet Eily O'Carroll/ Delahunty's Hornpipe Traditional
4. The Hunter's PurseTraditional
5. March of the King of Laois (Ruairi Og O Mordha)Traditional
6. Carolan's Concerto (or Mrs Poer)Traditional
7. Tom Billy's Reel/ The Road To Lisdoonvarna/ The Merry Sisters Traditional
8. An Ghaoth Aneas/ The South WindTraditional
9. Tiarna Isne Chaoin (Lord Inchiquin)Traditional
10. The Trip To SligoTraditional
11. An Raibh Tu Ag An gCarraig? (Were You At The Rock?)Traditional
12. John Kelly's Slide/ Merrily Kiss The Quaker/ Denis Murphy's Slide Traditional

Chieftains 4. Recorded 1973. 
Paddy Moloney (uillean pipes, tin whistle), Martin Fay (fiddle, bones), Seán Potts (tin whistle), Sean Keane (fiddle), Peadar Mercier (bodhran, bones), Derek Bell (harp), Michael Tubridy (flute, concertina, tin whistle). Produced by Paddy Moloney. Liner notes by Alan Owen Peter Sellars, Maire Aine Ni Dhonnchadha and Alan Stivell. The slow air "Mna Na hEirann" (Women of Ireland) was used in Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon"
1. Drowsy MaggieTraditional
2. Morgan MaganTraditional
3. The Tip of the WhistleTraditional
4. Bucks of OranmoreTraditional
5. The Battle Of AughrimTraditional
6. The Morning DewTraditional
7. Carrickfergus (or Do Bhi Bean Uasal)Traditional
8. Slainte Bhreagh Hiulit (Hewlett)Traditional
9. Cherish The LadiesTraditional
10. Lord MayoTraditional
11. Mna Na hEireann (Women of Ireland)Paddy Moloney
12. O'Keefe's Slide/ An Suisin Ban (The white blanket)/ The Star Above The Garter/ The Weaver's Slide Traditional

Tears of Stone. Recorded 1999. 
Paddy Moloney (uillean pipes, tin whistle), Martin Fay (fiddle, bones), Sean Keane (fiddle), Derek Bell (harp), Matt Molloy (flute), Kevin Conneff (bodhran). Guests: Brenda Fricker, Anuna, Bonnie Raitt, Natalie Merchant, Joni Mitchell, The Rankins, The Corrs, Sinead O'Connor, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Loreena McKennitt, Akiko Yano, Joan Osborne, Sissel, Eileen Ivers, Natalie MacMaster, Maire Breatnach, Annbjorg Lien, Diana Krall.
1. Never Give all the Heart Moloney, Yeats
2. A Stor Mo ChroiTraditional
3. The Lowlands of HollandTraditional
4. The Magdalene Laundries Mitchell
5. Jimmy Mo Mhile StorTraditional
6. I Know My LoveTraditional
7. Factory GirlTraditional
8. Deserted SoldierTraditional
9. Ye Rambling Boys of PleasureTraditional
10. Sake in the JarMoloney, Yano
11. Raglan Road Traditional
12. Siul a RunTraditional
13. The Fiddling LadiesTraditional
14. Danny boyWeatherly


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