The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem

Irish Group singing mainly traditional Irish songs.

(The main members are/have been: Pat Clancy (vocals), Tom Clancy (vocals), Liam Clancy (vocals, guitar, concertina), Tommy Makem (vocals, banjo, guitar, whistle), Bobby Clancy (vocals), Robbie O'Connell (guitar, vocals))
(Liam Clancy also has a separate entry)
(Tommy Makem also has a separate entry)
(The Clancy Brothers have also recorded with Louis Killen)

Albums - Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.

Title.year.Label. No
The Rising Of The Moon: Irish Songs of Rebellion1958Tradition Records TLP 1006
[Reissue] (LP) 1967Tradition/ Everest 2070
[Reissue] (LP) 1967Emerald MLD 19
[Reissue] (CD) as "Irish Songs of Rebellion"1993 Laserlight/ Delta12166
[Reissue] (CD) as "Rising of the Moon"1998 Tradition/ Rykodisk1066
[Reissue] (CD) as "Irish Songs of Rebellion"1999 Laserlight/ Delta21394
[Reissue] (CD) as "Irish Revolutionary Songs"2007 Collectables0828
Come Fill Your Glass With Us - Irish Songs of
Drinking and Blackguarding
1959Tradition Records  
[Reissue] (LP) as "Irish Drinking Songs" 1967Tradition Records 2092
[Reissue] (LP) as "Raise Your Glasses With ..."1967 Tradition/ EverestMLD 21
[Reissue] (CD) as "Irish Drinking Songs"1993 Laserlight/ Delta12175
[Reissue] (CD) as "Come Fill Your Glasses With Us"1998 Tradition1067
[Reissue] (CD) as "Irish Drinking Songs"1999 Laserlight/ Delta21393
[Reissue] (CD) as "Come Fill Your Glasses With Us"2006 Empire Musikwerks809
Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem1961Tradition RecordsTLP 1042
[Reissue] (LP) as "Fine Boys You Are"1967 EmeraldMLD 25
[Reissue] (CD) 1996Tradition 1022
[Reissue]?1997Tradition RecordsTCD 1002
A Spontaneous Concert Performance1961ColumbiaCS 8848
Hellish and Hearty1962ColumbiaCS 8571
Boys Won't Leave the Girls Alone1962ColumbiaCS 8709
[Reissue]1964 CBSBPG 62164
[Reissue]1993 Shanachie 
First Hurrah1964ColumbiaCS 8965
Recorded Live in Irelandc 1965ColumbiaCS 9065
Isn't It Grand Boysc 1966ColumbiaCS 9277
[Reissue]1966 CBSBPG 62674
The Irish Uprising/ 1916 - 19221966Columbia32-B5-0001
Freedom's Sons1967ColumbiaCS 9336
In Concertc 1968ColumbiaCS 9494
Home Boys Home1968ColumbiaCS 9608
At Home With the Clancy Brothers, Their Family 1968Emerald GEM 1006
Girls Won't Leave The Boys Alone 1968Emerald MLD 31
Sing of the Seac 1969ColumbiaCS 9658
Bold Fenian Men1969ColumbiaCS 9805
The Clancy Bros. Christmas1969ColumbiaCS 9876
With Their Families1969 HallmarkCHM 630
Flowers in the Valley?1970ColumbiaCS 9932
The Makem and Clancy Collection1980Shanachie 
[Reissue]1999 Shanachie 
Ain't It Grand Boys: Unissued Gems1995Columbia/ LegacyCK 57639
28 Irish Pub Songs1996Madecy  
Home To Ireland: 28 Irish Favourites1996Madecy  

Other Albums.

Irish Troubadour1965 Liam Clancy 
[Reissued as "Liam Clancy"] 2006Liam Clancy Vanguard
Clancy Brothers with Robbie O'Connell 1982Clancy Brothers with Robbie O'Connell 
Reunion1984Clancy Brothers 
Two For The Early Dew1987Liam Clancy and Tommy MakemShanachie
We've Come A Long Way1987Liam Clancy and Tommy MakemShanachie
Tunes and Tales of Ireland1988Clancy Brothers and Robbie O'Connell 
Boys Won't Leave The Girls Alone1989Clancy Brothers 
Older But No Wiser1995Clancy Brothers and Robbie O'ConnellVanguard
[Reissue]2006Clancy Brothers and Robbie O'ConnellVanguard
Irish Folk Song Favourites1996Clancy Brothers and David Hammond 
Christmas With The Clancy Brothers1997Clancy BrothersLegacy

Albums - The Clancy Children.

Title.year.Label. No
So Early in the Morning1958Tradition Records  

Multi-volume Albums.

Title Year. Label. number.
In Concert/ Carnegie Hall/ Luck O' The Irish (3 CDs)(*) 1997 Columbia ?

Compilations - The first two albums "The Rising of the Moon" and "Come Fill Your Glass With us" were the sources for these compilations.

Irish Songs of Drinking and Rebellion 1994 Legacy/ BescolCD-302
28 Irish Pub Songs 1996Madacy 4949CD
Songs Of Ireland 2007MRSMRA 503252 CD 
Irish Gold2008 EMGEMG CD311219 CD 
The Very Best of2008 Acrobat4299 CD 
Irish Songs of Drinking and Rebellion 2008 Collectables829


The Best of1969 EmeraldGES 1030
Greatest Hits 1973Vanguard VSD-53/54
The Makem and Clancy Collection1980Shanachie 
Luck of the Irish1992Columbia 
Irish Drinking Songs (*)1993Columbia 
[Reissue]1998 Sony 
Wrap the Green Flag1994Columbia/ LegacyCK 48866
[Reissue]2008 Sony 
Greatest Irish Hits1995Columbia 
Songs of Ireland and Beyond1997Columbia/ LegacyCK 65153 
Finnegan's Wake1998 Sounds of the World 
Super Hits2000Columbia/ LegacyCK 63540 
Best of the Vanguard Years2000 Vanguard 
The Essential Collection2002  
The Best of The Clancy Brothers and Tommmy Makem 2002Columbia/ Sony 5063692
30 Songs of Ireland2005 XTRA 
The Best of2006 Vanguard 
An Introduction to the Clancy Brothers 2006 Varese Sarabande 
Yes ... Those Were the Days: the Essential Liam Clancy 2007 Dolphin 
42 Traditional Songs2007 H & H 
Irish Folk Songs and Airs2007 Collectables 

(*)The Clancy Brothers and The Dubliners.

Collaboration - Liam Clancy, Tommy Clancy, Family and Paddy Tunney.

The Lark in the Morning (LP)1955Tradition RecordsTLP 1004
[Reissue] (CD)1996Rykodisc/ TraditionTCD 1001
[Reissued as "Celtic Classic Treasures"] 1999Columbia/ Legacy 
[Reissued as "Celtic Classic Treasures"] 2006Empire Records 

Live Albums.

In Person At Carnegie Hall1963ColumbiaCS 8750 
[Reissued] (2 CDs) (*)1979 Columbia-Legacy/Sony88697 42571 2
Live At The National Concert Hall1987Shanachie 

(* The original vinyl release was 38 minutes. The CD reissue is two hours long and includes all the dialogue and jokes between the musical numbers).

Singles and EPs.

Title.year.Label. Number
Songs from the Irish Uprising ? CBSCBS IRE EP 6404
In Person? CBSCBS IRE AGG 320038
The Clancy Bros.& Tommy Makem No.1 ? CBSCBS IRE AGG 320039
The Clancy Bros.& Tommy Makem No.2 ? CBSCBS IRE AGG 320040
The Moonshiner? CBSCBS IRE AGG 320045
Tim Finnegan's Wake? CBSCBS IRE AGG 320046
Irish Rover/Brennan on the Moor? Columbia 4-42309
The Whistling Gypsy & The Moonshiner ? Columbia 4-42692
Tim Finnegan/Reilly's Daughter? Columbia 4-42693
Wild Rover/Weela Wallia? Columbia 4-43195
The Rising of the Moon/Young Cassidy ? Columbia 4-43269
Isn't It Grand Boys & Nancy Whiskey ? Columbia4-435438
The Good Ship Calibar/ The Lowlands Low ? Columbia 4-44599
Jennifer Gentle & Beer,Beer,Beer? Columbia 4-45014
The Rising Of The Moon/The Wild Rover ? CBS Records202002
The Rising Of The Moon/Green In The Green ? Columbia4-43821
O'Donnell Abu/Freedom's Sons? CBS Records 202059
Green in the Green/Isn't it Grand Boys ? CBS Records202396
You're Always Welcome to our House/Time Gentleman Time ? Audio Fidelity169
Streets of London/Dandelion Wine? Audio Fidelity 178
Finnegan's Wake/The Wild Colonial Boy ? Rego Music 801
Recorded Live in Ireland (EP)? CBS RecordsBG 225087
In Person at Carnegie Hall EP1963 CBS Records BG 225089
The Boys Won't Leave the Girls Alone EP 1963 CBS Records BG 225096
Old Woman From Wexford--Will Ye Go/I'll Tell My Ma 1963 CBS20 039 0000
The First Hurrah EP1964 Columbia 7-8965-6
Irish Rover/Courtin' in the Kitchen ? ColumbiaS7-31327
Jug of This/Johnny McEldoo? ColumbiaS7-31328
Whiskey You're the Devil/Mountain Dew ? ColumbiaS7-31329
When I was Single/God Bless England ? ColumbiaS7-31330
The Rising of the Moon/Mr. Moses Ri-Tooral-I-Ay ? ColumbiaS7-31331


Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem: Reunion Concert at the Ulster Hall [1991]2003 Proper Music
Clancy Brothers and Robbie O'Connell: Fraewell to Ireland2006 Pinacle 

Best Albums(*).

Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem1961
Hearty and Hellish1962
In Person at Carnegie Hall  1963
Come Fill your Glass With Us 1959
The Makem and Clancy Collection1980
Best of Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem (compilation) 2002

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Hit albums.

Title.year.highest position.
Isn't It Grand Boys196622

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