The Clutha

Scottish group singing mainly traditional songs and playing traditional tunes.

(Gordeanna McCulloch has recorded solo)


The Streets of Glasgow1973Topic12TS226 
Scots Ballads Songs & Dance Tunes 1974Topic12TS242
Bonnie Mill Dams1977Topic12TS330 
On The Braes2001  


Scots Songs and Music Recorded at the Kinross Festival1973Springthyme SPR 1001

Album tracks.

Scots Ballads Songs and Dance Tunes Running time: ?? min. Gordeanna McCulloch (vocals), Ronnie Alexander (vocals, guitar), John Eaglesham (vocals, concertina), Callum Allan (fiddle), Erland Voy (fiddle, concertina, vocals).



1. The Soor Milk Cairtunknown
2. Donald Blueunknown
3. Mount And Gounknown
4. Deil In The Lumunknown
5. The Moudiewort/The Caledonian Hunt's Delight/ The Shepherd's Wifeunknown
6. Andro and his Cutty Gununknown
7. The Rigs o' Ryeunknown
8. The Dark Island/Battle of the Somme/Greenwoodside/Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle/Invercauld Gathering/Paddy's Leather Breechesunknown
9. Johnny Sangsterunknown
10. Wha's Fu'unknown
11. Andrew Rossunknown
12. Corn Rigs/Soldier's Joy/Mrs McLeodunknown
13. The Gaberlunzie Manunknown


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