Cock and Bull Band

English group, playing mainly traditional English tunes.

(Dave Whetstone - anglo-concertina, Jean-Paul Rasle - bagpipes, John Maxwell - drums, Paul Martin - acoustic bass guitar)


All Buttoned Up (*)1981Topic12TS421
Eyes Closed and Rocking1985Topic12TS440
Pumped up and Loaded1988 Mrs CaseyMCRCD 6992 
Concrete Routes, Sacred Cows 1989Rogue RecordsFMSL 2015
A Cock and Bull Story 1991Cock and Bull Records C&B 103
Below The Belt 1993Cock and Bull Records C&B 104
Encore du Vingt1999 Mrs CaseyMCRCD 9993

(*) originally credited to the Hemlock Cock and Bull Band).


Stepping Up (*)2004TopicTSCD752
Tap Roots - History of the New Wave of English Country Dance Music1988Folk Roots RecordsFROOT 002

(*) one track only - One for Dan (from Eyes Closed and Rocking).

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