Johnny Connolly

Irish accordion player, playing mainly traditional tunes.

(Johnny Og Connolly. Not to be confused with Johnny B Connolly, also accordion player.)


Title.Year. LabelNumber
An tOilean Aerach 1991 Clo Iar-ChonnachtaCICD 063
Drioball Na Fainleoige 1998 Clo Iar-ChonnachtaCICD 127
Dreaming up the Tunes1999 Clo Iar-ChonnachtaCICD 133
An Miledoidean Scaoilte2005 Clo Iar-ChonnachtaCICD 157

Collaboration - Charlie Lennon and Johnny Og Connolly.

Title year. Label. number.
Dusk Till Dawn 2002WorldMusicWOM 110

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