Bob and Ron Copper

Two members of the Copper family. A singing family with their own collection of songs dating back to the nineteenth century.

(Bob Copper (1915 - 2004))
(Bob and Ron Copper have recorded as part of the Copper Family.)


Title.year.Label. Number
Traditional Songs From Rotingdean1963 EFDSSLP 1002
[Reissued as "English Shepherd and Farming Songs" 1964Folk Legacy FSM-019
[Reissued] 2006Folk-Legacy Records CT 06069
Twankydillo1975 Folktrax082

Albums - Bob Copper.

Countryside Songs from the South1977Topic12TS328

Collaboration - Bob and Ron Copper, Isla Cameron, Seamus Ennis and Peter Kennedy.

Title. year. Label. number.
As I Roved Out 1953-4 Folktrax TFX-253

Anthology - Harry Cox, Bob Roberts, Shirley Collins, Frank McPeake, Fred Lawson, Davy Stewart, Bob and Ron Copper etc.

Title. year. Label. number.
Folk Song Today (*)1955 HM DLP 1143

(*) 10 inch album.


Hidden English(*)2003Topic TSCD600

(*) One Track only - The Sweet Primeroses.

Anthology - Bob Copper (1915 - 2004), Ron Spicer, Louise Fuller (b 1915), Bob Lewis, Gordon Hall (1932 - 2000), John Copper (b 1949).

When The May Is All In Bloom1995 Veteran VT131CD 

Anthology - Nic Jones, Bob and Ron Copper, William Kimber, Joseph Taylor, Harry Cox, Oak, Sam Larner, Phoebe Smith, Louise Fuller, Walter Pardon, Paddy Tunney, Margaret Barry et al.

Three Score and Ten2009 Topic TOPIC70

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