The Bob Cort Skiffle

English singer with skiffle group.


Ain't It a Shame1957 DeccaLK 4222
[Reissued as "Yes Suh"]1965 Ace of ClubsACL 1197
[Reissued as "Ain't It a Shame to Sing Skiffle on Sunday: A Singles Comp" (*)2005VocalionCKLK 4311
Eskimo Nell and other Barrack Room Ballads1959 DeccaLK 4301

(* The original album plus singles)

Singles (45 rpm).

Don't You Rock Me, Daddy-O/ It Takes a Worried Man To Sing a Worried Blues1957 London?
Six-Five Special/ Roll Jen Jenkins (7" vinyl) 1957Decca F 10892
Six-Five Special/ Roll Jen Jenkins (10" vinyl) 1957Decca F 10892
School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)/ Ain't It A Shame (To Sing Skiffle On a Sunday) 1957  
Bob Cort Skiffle Party 1957  
The Ark (Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord)/ Yes! Suh! 1958  
Foggy Foggy Dew/ On Top of Old Smokey 1959  
Waterloo/ Battle of New Orleans 1959  
Kissin' Time/ I'm Gonna Get Married 1959  
Mule Skinner Blues/ The Ballad of Walter Williams 1960  
Ballad of the Alamo/ Five Brothers 1960  

Anthology - Bob Cort, Ken Colyer, Chas McDevitt, Vipers et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Great British Skiffle: As Good As It Gets Volume 2 (1952 - 57) (2 CDs)2008Smith 
Skiffle At It's Best (2 CDs) 2008?REXX 316

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