Craobh Rua

Irish (Belfast) band, playing traditional and contemporary tunes, plus the occasional song.


Title.year.Label. Number
Not a Word About It1990 BTB BTBCD 010
The More That's Said The Less the Better1992KRL BTBCD 020
No Matter How Cold and Wet You Are As Long as you're Warm And Dry 1996Lochshore/ KRLCDLDL 1237
Soh It Is 1997KRL CDLDL 1259
If Ida Been Here Ida Been There2000 KRL CDLDL 1296

Best albums(*).

The More That's Said The Less the Better 1992

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Anthology - Seelyhoo, Tanglefoot, Sandy Brechin, The Tannahill Weavers, Croabh Rua et al.

Huntingdon Folk 21998 Speaking VolumesSVL06CD

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