The Critics Group

English/Scottish group, singing contemporary and traditional songs, often with a political edge.

(Ewan McColl, Peggy Seeger, John Faulkner and Sandra Kerr)


Title.year.Label. number
Sweet Thames, Flow Softly 1966 Argo DA 47
[Reissue] ? Argo ZFB 61
[Reissue] 2006 Vocalion CDMSL 8424
A Merry Progress to London 1966 Argo ZDA 46
[Reissue]   Argo ZFB 60
Waterloo: Peterloo 1968 Argo DA 86
The Female Frolic 1968 Argo DA 82
As We Were a Sailing 1970 Argo ZDA 137
Ye Mariners All 1970 Argo ZDA 138
Living Folk 1970 Albatros VPA 8093

Best albums(*).

Peterloo: Waterloo 1968

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Last updated on 18/10/2010