Andy Cutting (b 1969)

English Accordion player who generally performs as part of a duo. Playing Contemporary and traditional English songs and playing English tunes.

(Andy Cutting has recorded with Blowzabella, June Tabor, Kate Rusby, Fernhill and Two Duos Quartet)
(Karen Tweed has recorded with Ian Carr)
(Karen Tweed has recorded with The Poozies)

Album - solo.

Title.year.Label. number
Andy Cutting2010 Lane Records 

Album - "Tweed and Cutting".

Title.year.Label. number
Under One Roof2002Fyasco  

Albums - Chris Wood and Andy Cutting

Title.year.Label. number
Chris Wood and Andy Cutting 1990 RUF RUFCD01
Lisa1993 RUF RUFCD02
Live At Sidmouth 1995RUF RUFCD03
Lusignac1995 RUF RUFCD04
Knock John 1999 RUF RUFCD08

Albums - The Two Duos Quartet (Karen Tweed, Ian Carr, Andy Cutting and Chris Wood)

Title.year.Label. Number
Half As Happy As We 1999 RUF RUFCD07

Collaboration - Various artists including Andy Cutting, Karen Tweed and Pierre Schryer.

Title. year. Label. number.
The Gathering (live) 1997Real World  CAROL 2361

Session recordings.

Pete Morton Hunting The Heart?
June TaborAgainst The Streams ?
June TaborAleyn ?
BlowzabellaVanilla ?
Willy Russell Hoovering The Moon?
Oliver KnightMysterious Day ?
The Fraser Sisters The Fraser Sisters?


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