Dance Collection: Joshua Jackson's Book (manuscript dated 1798)

Joshua Jackson (1763 - 1839). The book was preserved by generations of a family living in the Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon areas of Northern England.

(The early pages of the book contain "gentry" songs - minuets, anthems and religious pieces. The main interest lies in the later pages.)


Bob Diehl, Phil Bartlett, Gerry Murphy, Dave Hillery, Dave Howes, Steve Turner and Bob MortonThe Trip To Harrogate1977FellsideFTSR2

Album tracks.

The Trip To Harrogate Released on vinyl 1977. Released on CD 1999. Playing time: 52 min 2 seconds.   Bob Diehl (fiddle), Phil Bartlett (fiddle, English concertina, mandolin, harmonium), Gerry Murphy (English Concertina, small pipes, whistle), Dave Hillery (English concertina, vocal), Dave Howes (whistle, melodeon, vocal), Steve Turner (banjo, mandolin), Bob Morton (guitar).  



1. Open The Door To Thee/Anon/ Long Room At Scarboroughunknown
2. Touzle Your Kerchieunknown
3. Morgan Rattlerunknown
4. Lovely Nancyunknown
5. Lovesick Polly/ Tankard of Aleunknown
6. Trip to the Bath/ Trip to Harrogateunknown
7. Lady Barnsley's Fancy/ The Maggie Danceunknown
8. Lillinghallunknown
9. The Four Seasonsunknown
10. The Brickmakersunknown
11. Trip to Castle Howardunknown
12. The Musical Lovers (song)unknown
13. Welcome Here Again/ Mary Eleanorunknown
14. The Musical Society (song)unknown
15. Cuddy Clumps (song)unknown
16. Wetherby Grange/ The Grove/ La Belle Catherineunknown
17. I Would But I Dare Not/ New Lango Leeunknown
18. Green Brackenunknown
19. Ladies Plaything/ The Green Boxunknown
20. Tweedsideunknown
21. Around The World For Sports/ Fourpence Ha'Penny Farthing/Trip to The Keys/ Seven Stars unknown

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