Deaf Shepherd

Scottish instrumental band, playing mainly traditional tunes. 


Ae Spark O Nature's Fire1996 GreentraxCDTRAX104 
Synergy1998 GreentraxCDTRAX143
Even in the Rain2003 Deaf ShepherdDEAFSHEPHERD1

Best albums(*).

Synergy 1998

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Anthology - Ed Miller, Whistlebinkies, Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley, Ceolbeg, Brian MacNeill, Dead Shepherd, Colcannon, Isle St Clair, Jean Redpath et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Scotland - The Music and the Song - A 20 Year Profile of Greentrax (3 CDs) 2006Greeentrax CDTRAX 8606

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