D Danann

Irish instrumental band, playing mainly traditional Irish tunes, and the occasional song. Early albums use the spelling "D Dannan".

(The main members are/have been Alec Finn (guitar, bouzouki), Frankie Gavin (fiddle, flute, tin whistle, pipes), Tommy Flemming (vocals), Colm Murphy (bodhran), Derek Hickey (button accordion, Jackie Daly (accordion) and Dolores Keane (vocals, flute))
(Frankie Gavin and Alec Finn have recorded with Kevin MacLeod and as a duo)
(Frankie Gavin has recorded solo and on television soundtracks)
(Alec Finn has recorded with Mary Bergin and solo)
(Jackie Daly has recorded with Patrick Street and solo)
(Dolores Keane recorded solo)
(Mairtin O'Connor has recorded solo)


De Dannan1976 Polydor2904005
Selected Jigs Reels and Songs1977 Decca5287
[Reissue]1988 Shanachie79005
The Mist Covered Mountain1980 Gael LinnCEFCD 087
[Reissued as "Banks of the Nile"]? 1980Decca SKL 5318
[Reissue]?Shanachie 79005
Star-Spangled Molly1981 OghamBLB 5006
[Reissue]  Shanachie79018
[Reissue]1990 Third FloorTFCDBLB5006
[Reissued as "The De Danann Collection"] 2003Spirit EICD625
Song For Ireland1983 Tara 
[Reissue]1997 SugarhillSH-CD-1130
The Irish RM 1984 Release   
Anthem1985 DaraDARACD013
[Reissue]2005 Dolphin 
Ballroom 1987    
[Reissue]1993 Green Linnet3040
A Jacket Of Batteries1988 HarmacHM48
[Reissue]1991Green Linnet 3053
Half Set In Harlem1991 Green Linnet1113
[Reissue]1991 Bee's KneesBKCD002

Ooops! From this point onwards there are two bands. The original band, minus Frankie, using the spelling "De Danann" and a band fronted by Frankie Gavin using the spelling "De Dannan"

Albums - Frankie Gavin's "De Dannan".

Hibernian Rhapsody (*)1996 Bee's KneesPED 9601 
[Reissue] Shanachie 78052
Welcome To The Hotel Connemara (**)2000 Hummingbird 
Jigs, Reels and Rock n' Roll2012 Tara 

(* more like cabaret than Irish folk.)
(** covers of rock hits, very sedately done.)

Albums - The original "De Danann" (minus Frankie Gavin).

Wonder Waltz2010 ? 


Title. year. Label. number.
Best of De Dannan1984 Shanachie79047
[Reissue]1989 Shanachie79047
How The West Was Won (2 CDs)1999 HummingbirdHB CD-0020

Best albums(*).

De Dannan1976
Mist Covered Mountain 1980
Star Spangled Molly 1981
How The West Was Won 1999

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Anthology - Nollaig Casey, Davy Spillane, Begley & Cooney, Ronnie Drew, Sharon Shannon, Liam O'Flynn, D Dannan, Anna, Eileen Ivers et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
L'Imaginaire Irlandais (*) 1996 Keltia Musique KMCD63 

(* one track only - "The Rights of Man/ The Pride of Petavore" from "Ballroom".)

Anthology - Various artists including Dolores Keane, Sharon Shannon, De Dannan, The Clancy Brothers and The Voice Squad.

Title. year. Label. number
Bringing It All Back Home - The Influence of Irish Music 1998Valley VE 15011 CD

Anthology - Dolores Keane, De Danann, Mary Bergin, Planxty, Seamus Egan et al.

Title.Year.Label. number
A Celtic Tapestry 1996Shanachie 79092

Anthology - Arcady, De Danann, Silly Wizard, Solas, Karan Casey, Planxty et al.

Title.Year.Label. number
A Celtic Tapestry, Vol 2 1997Shanachie 79092

Anthology - De Dannan, Noel Hill, Clannad, Maighread Ni Dhomhnaill, Mary Bergin et al.

BLASTA! - The Irish Traditional Music Special 1997Gael-Linn CDTCD007

Anthology - Kentigern, Steeleye Span, Da Dannan, The Voice Squad, The Bothy Band, Cilla Fisher et al.

Holding Up Half The Sky: Voices of Celtic Women1997 Shanachie 


Title. year. Label.
Hey Jude/The Teetotaler/St. Annes Reels 1980  
Bohemian Rhapsody 2002  

Popular downloads.

My Irish Molly-O
The Bantry Girl's Lament
Anthem For Ireland
The Rights of Man/ The Pride of Petravore
The Wren's Nest
Donegal Reels


Come West Along the Road  - Irish Tradition Music(*) 2007 
(* Archive footage from RTE. One Track only - Jigs: Tom Billy's; Sean Ryan's; Reels: Mick Hands; Hills of Clogher)

Album tracks.

The De Danann Collection Running time 47 minutes 10 sec. This is "The Star-Spangled Molly" with the tracks in a different order, together with two bonus instrumental tracks. No personnel named. 



1. The Cuckoo's Next Medley (instr) Trad
2. Come Back again To Me Mavournenn Aylward
3. New Irish Barn Dance (instr) Trad
4. Conlon's Jig/ Padraig O'Keefe's Head O' Cabbage/ Boys of Malin (instr) De Danann/ De Dannan/ De Dannan/ De Dannan
5. My Irish Molly-O Schwartz and Jerome
6. Hey Jude (instr) J Lennon & P McCartney
7. Maggie James A Butterfield and George W Johnson
8. Coleraine Jig/ Derraine's/ John Stenson's (instr) Trad/ De Dannan/ Trad
9. Kitty's Wedding/ The Rambler (instr) Trad
10. The Teetotaler/ St Anne's (instr) Trad/ Trad
11. Then You'll Remember Me Unknown
12. Morrison's/ The Tailor's Thimble/ Wellington's (instr) Trad
13. I'm Leaving Tipperary ?Pat White

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