Barbara Dickson (b 1947)

Scottish singer, performing mainly middle of the road pop ballads. Every decade or so she produces an album of traditional songs.

(Many sources claim that she was born in 1948.)


Do Right Woman 1970 Decca SKL 5116
From the Beggar's Mantle ... Fringed With Gold 1972Decca SKL 5116
Parcel of Rogues1994 Castle CommunicationsCTVCD 126 
Dark End of The Street 1995 TransatlanticTRA CD 117
The 7 Ages of Woman 1998TelstarTCD2985
For The Record (*)2001 Eagle RecordsEGDCD188 
Full Circle2004RandM RecordsRAMCD012
Nothing's Going To Change My World2006  
Time and Tide2008 VoiceprintCTVPCD001

(* Double album. The first CD contains pop ballads; the second is a live concert of folk songs)

Multi-volume Albums.

Title Year. Label. number.
Do Right Woman/ From the Beggar's Mantle 2006 Vocalion CDSML 8425

Collaborations - Barbara Dickson and Archie Fisher.

The Fate o' Charlie: Songs of the Jacobite Rebellion (*)1969Trailer  LER 3002
[Reissue]2003 Leader  
Thro' The Recent Years1970Decca SKL 5041
(* with John Mackinnon)

Tribute Album (for Ian McCalman) - Barbara Dickson, Allan Taylor, Derek Moffat, Sheena Wellington, Dick Gaughan, Aly Bain, Isla St Clair and Ian McCalman.

McCalman Singular2005  


Title. year. Label. number.
Best of Barbara Dickson2009 Camden?

Best albums(*).

From the Beggar's Mantle ... Fringed With Gold 1972
The Fate o' Charlie: Songs of the Jacobite Rebellion1969

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

Fine Flowers in the Valley
The Orange and the Blue
A Lover's Ghost


Title year. Label.
Into The Light (*)2008  

(* 2007 concert. Songs from "Full Circle" and "Time And Tide")

Hit albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
Parcel of Rogues 1994 30

Album tracks.

Do Right Woman Running time: 34 minutes 47 seconds. Recorded 1970. Isued on vinyl in 1970. Re-released in 2006 packaged on a single CD with "From The Beggar's Mantle..." (combined running time: 69 minutes 10 seconds). Barbara Dickson (vocals), Archie Fisher (backing vocals, guitars, dulcimer, concertina), Rab Noakes (backing vocals, guitar), Ronnie Rae (bass), Bill Kemp (drums). String sextet arranged and conducted by Alex Sutherland. Produced by Ray Horricks.



1. Easy To Be Hard (from "Hair")Ragni, Rado, MacDermot 2m 52s
2. Turn A Deaf EarRab Noakes 4m 18s
3. Something's WrongAllan Taylor 2m 52s
4. The Garton Mother's LullabyTrad 2m 23s
5. Dainty DavieTrad 2m 0s
6. Returning (partly in French)Archie Fisher 3m 33s
7. Do Right WomanMoman; Penn 2m 52s
8. The Long and Lonely WinterDave Goulder 2m 38s
9. A Lover's GhostTrad 3m 21s
10. The BlacksmithTrad 1m 46s
11. Gloomy SundaySeress; Javor; Lewis; Carter 2m 5s
12. And I Will SingArchie Fisher 4m 7s

From The Beggar's Mantle ... Fringed With Gold Running time: 33 minutes 15 seconds. Recorded 1971. Released on vinyl 1972. Re-released in 2006 packaged on a single CD with "From The Beggar's Mantle..." (combined running time: 69 minutes 10 seconds). Barbara Dickson (vocals), Nic Jones (fiddle, guitar), Archie Fisher (guitar, concertina), Daryl Runswick (bass, piano), Bill DeMont (cello). Produced by Ray Horricks.



1. Witch of the WestmorelandsArchie Fisher4m 8s
2. If I Never, Ever Saw You AgainArchie Fisher3m 3s
3. Recruited CollierTrad2m 35s
4. The Morning Lies Heavy On MeAllan Taylor3m 10s
5. Fine Flowers In The Valley (Child 2)Trad3m 1s 
6. Lord Thomas of Winesberry and the
King's Daughter
Trad6m 2s
7. The ClimbArchie Fisher3m 16s 
8. The Orange and the BlueTrad3m 38s
9. Winter's SongAlan Hull4m 32s 

Full Circle Running time: 47 minutes 43 seconds. Recorded 2004. Barbara Dickson (vocals), Neil Drinkwater (grand piano), Danny Thompson (double bass), Troy Donockley (guitars, uilleann pipes, low and tin whistles, mandola, harmonium), The Emperor String Quartet [Martin Burgess - violin, Clare Hayes - violin, Fiona Bonds - viola, William Schofield - cello]). Produced by Troy Donockley.



1. Garten Mother's LullabyTrad
2. The Sky Above The RoofRalph Vaughan Williams
3. Across The HillsLeon Rosselson
4. The Unquiet GraveTrad
5. Faithless LoveJ.D. Souther
6. Westron WyndeTrad
7. Corpus Christi CarolTrad
8. Living Too To The GroundEverley Bros
9. Singing BirdTrad
10. When I Am Laid To Earth (Dido's Lament)Henry Purcell
11. Eriskay Love SongTrad

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