Dr Faustus

English group playing traditional tunes.

(Tim van Eyken has recorded solo and with Robert Habron)

(Tim van Eyken - melodeon, Paul Sartin - fiddle, Robert Habron - concertina, Benji Kirkpatrick - bouzouki)
(Benji Kirkpatrick has recorded with Magpie Lane and solo)


The First Cut 2004FellsideFELL-CD177
Wager2005 FellsideFELL-CD189
Faustus (*)2008 NavigatorNAVIGATOR5

(* Name of group is "Faustus" on this album").


Stepping Up (*) 2004TopicTSCD752

(*) one track only - May Reel No 1/ Bacca Pipes Jig).

Collaboration - Ian Giles, Dr Faustus, Sharon Lindo et al.

Folk Music of Ireland2008 The Gift of Music  

Book: "Hampshire Dance Tunes: Country Dance Tunes From The Pyle Family Manuscript, 1822" by Robert Shatwell and Paul Sartin (2006)

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