The Dubliners

Irish Group singing mainly traditional Irish songs.

(The main members are/have been: Luke Kelly (vocals, banjo), Ronnie Drew (vocals, guitar), Barney McKenna (banjo), Ciaran Bourke (vocals, guitar, tin whistle), Eamonn Campbell, Sean Cannon, Paddy Reilly, John Sheahan (fiddle), Bobby Lynch, Jim McCann)
Luke Kelly (1940 - 1984) recorded solo, and wrote songs.
Ronnie Drew has also recorded with Eleanor Shanley and as a soloist.


The Dubliners With Luke Kelly1964  
[Reissue]2003 Castle 
Irish Folk Night1964Decca 
Mainly Barney [EP]1966Transatlantic 
Finnegan Wakes1966Transatlantic TRA 139 
[Reissue] Hallmark CHM 695
[Reissue] (CD) 2003Castle CMRCD787
The Definitive Transatlantic Collection1966  
A Drop Of The Hard Stuff1967 Major MinorMMLP 3 
[Reissued as "Seven Drunken Nights"]  EMI/EncoreONCR 510
[Reissued as "Seven Drunken Nights"] 1972EMI/Starline SRS 5059
More of the Hard Stuff1967 Major MinorMMLP 5 
[Reissued]1967 EMI/StarlineSRS 5155
Drinkin' and Courtin'1968 Major MinorMMLP 14
[Reissued as "Whiskey On A Sunday"]   
At It Again1968EMI Starline 
[Reissued as "Seven Deadly Sins"] 1968EMI1 C 148-52067
[Reissued as "Seven Deadly Sins"] 1968EMI/Starline SRS 5101
At Home With The Dubliners1969EMI Columbia 
[Reissue]1989 ARCEUCD 1093
Whiskey On A Sunday1969? EMI 
Revolution1970EMI Columbia  
The Patriot Game1971Hallmark 
I Know My Love1971 EMISTAL 1015
Hometown1972EMI Columbia 
Town I Loved So Well1973  
[Reissue]? Polydor2384 119
Plain and Simple1973Polydor 
Parcel O Rogues1976 Polydor2383 387
[Reissue]1976 Ram RecordsRMLP 1021
[Reissue]1989 ARCEUCD 1051
15 Years On1977Polydor 
Together Again1979Polydor 
[Reissue]1979 ChymeCHLP 1012
Prodigal Sons1983Polydor POLD 5079 
25th Anniversary Celebration1987Stylus/Essential 
[Reissue]1996 EssentialESSCD 422
The Dubliners1988 EMICC 227
The Dubliners1990 EMICDP 790 996 2
30 Years A-Greying1992RTE/Essential 
[Reissue]1996 EssentialESSCD 423
Irish Rebel Ballads1995 ChymeCHCD1055
Alive Alive-O1997Baycourt  
Special Collection (2 CDs)1999 ARCEUCD 1533 
Further Along1999 Transatlantic 
[Reissue]2003 Celtic Collections 
Free The People2001 A World Of Music 

Multi-volume Albums.

Title Year. Label. number.
Seven Drunken Nights/ Seven Deadly Sins (2 LPs)1967 EMI 1 C-148-52066/67


Best of the Dubliners1967 TransatlanticTRA 158
The Complete Transatlantic Collection 1968 Transatlantic 
Drinking and Wenching 1969 Music for PleasureMFP 50245
Revolution1970 EMI/ColumbiaSCX 6423
I Knew My Love1971 EMI/TalismanSTAL 1015
Double Dubliners1972 EMI/ColumbiaC 062-93-678
[Reissued]1972 EMI/ColumbiaSCX 6513
Hometown1972 EMI/ColumbiaSCX 6492
Alive and Well1972 Ram RecordsRMLP 5001
Plain and Simple1973 Ram RecordsRMLP 5002
The Very Best of1975 EMI EMC3091
Live1974 Ram RecordsRMLP 1006
[Reissued as "A Night Out With The Dubliners"] 1999 Camden 
Dubliners Now1975 Ram RecordsRMLP 1012
Ronnie Drew1976 Ram RecordsRMLP 1076
Fifteen Years On (2 LPs)1977 Ram RecordsRMLP 1025
Two Originals Vol. 1 (2 LPs)1978 Ram RecordsRMDB 1027
20 Original Greatest Hits? Ram RecordsRMLP 1028
Together Again1979 Ram RecordsRMLP 1030
Greatest Hits1980 EMI/NoteNTS 197
The Dubliners 25 Years Celebration 1987 StylusSMR 731
Songs From Ireland - Greatest Hits1990Paradiso RecordsSOW 90108
Original Dubliners 1966 - 1969 (2 CDs) 1993EMI 0777 7 89065 2 0
Irish Pub Songs (1 CD) 1995Outlet 
[Reissue] (1 CD) 1997Chyme CD PUB 027
Whiskey in the Jar (3 CDs) 1996Disky SA872862
The Essential Collection 1997Music For Pleasure 
The Wild Rover1998 Double Classics31011 
The Dubliners Collection1999 Camden 
Dubliners with Luke Kelly (2 CDs)1999 Arc 
Millennium Collection (2 CDs)1999 Digimode20.4018-MI
Anthology2000 Line 
Irish Pub Songs (2 CDs)2001 ArcEUCD 1642
Spirit of the Irish2003 SanctuaryTVSAN 003
The Best of the Dubliners (3 CD box)2003  
Whiskey in the Jar (only 1 CD)2003 Music 
40 Years2002 Pinor 
[Reissued as "40 Years of the Dubliners (Their Greatest Hits)"] 2004ZYX 
Best of [Disky]2005  
Best of [Curb]2005  
Best of the Dubliners [Prism Platinum]2005  
Spirit of the Irish - The Ultimate Collection2005 SanctuaryTVSAN003
36 Irish Favourites2005 Prism Leisure7120 
Greatest Hits [Delta]2005  
Foggy Dew2005 XTRA 
Wild Rover [Direct Source]2005  
Too Late to Stop Now: The Very Best of the Dubliners (2 CDs)2006DMG TV DMGTV 031
The Very Best of 2009Universal Classics  

Live Albums.

The Dubliners In Concert1965Transatlantic  
Live At The Albert Hall1969Major Minor 
[Reissued] EMI/Emidisc 048-51860
[Reissued] 1975EMI/Emidisc 1 A-048-51860
[Reissued] 1975EMI/Starline SRS 5101
[Reissued] 1975EMI/Starline SRS 5194
Live At Montreux1977Intercord 
Live In Carre, Amsterdam1985Polydor 
Dubliners Live2004  
In Concert2005  


Clancy Brothers and The Dublinersyear.Label.number.
Irish Drinking Songs 1993  

Anthologies - Archie Fisher, The Corries et al.

Various Artistsyear.Label.number.
The Hoot'nanny Show Vol 1 1963Waverley 
The Hoot'nanny Show Vol 21964Waverley 


Forty Years - Live From The Gaiety2003 
Live: Legends In Concert2004 
Come West Along the Road  - Irish Tradition Music(*) 2007 
On the Road - Live In Germany 2007 
World Icons (2 CDs and 2 DVDs) 2010 
(* Archive footage from RTE. One Track only - I Must Away Now)

Best studio albums(*).

A Drop of The Hard Stuff (Seven Drunken Nights)1967
At It Again (Seven Deadly Sins)1968
More of the Hard Stuff1967
Drinkiní and Courtiní1968
Too Late to Stop Now (2 CDs) (compilation) 2006

(*)Based on critical opinion.


Title.year.Label. Number
Wild Rover/ Rocky Road To Dublin 1964Transatlantic TRA SP 1 
Roisin Dubh/ Greenland Whale Fisheries1965 TransatlanticTRA SP 3
Surrounded By Water/ Off To Dublin in the Green1966 TransatlanticTRA SP 8
Nelson's Farewell/ The Foggy Dew1966 TransatlanticTRA SP 9
Seven Drunken Nights/ Paddy On The Railway 1967Major Minor MM 506
All For Me Grog/ I Know My Love1967Major MinorMM 521
Black Velvet Band/ Maloney Wants A Drink1967Major Minor MM 530
Maids, When You're Young ../ Quare Bungle 1967Major Minor MM 551
Dirty Old Town/ Peggy Gordon1968Major MinorMM 552
The Irish Navy/ Seven Deadly Sins1968Major MinorMM 572
Maids, When You're Young/ Dirty Old Town 1968Sonet T 7719 S
Navy Boots/ The Comical Genius 1969Major Minor MM 608
Molly Maguires/ Bold Princess Royal1970 ColumbiaDB 8671
Joe Hill/ The Louse House Of Kilkenny1970 ColumbiaDB 8722

Singles - Pogues and Dubliners.

Title.year.Label. Number
The Irish Rover/ The Rare old Mountain Dew1987 Stiff  BUY 258
Jack's Heroes/Whiskey in the Jar1990 Pogue Mahone  YZ 500

Singles - Dubliners with Hothouse Flowers.

The Rose1991 

Hit Albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
A Drop of the Hard Stuff1967 5
Best of the Dubliners1967 25
More of the Dark Stuff1967 8
Drinkin' and Courtin'1968 31 
The Dubliners 25 Years Celebration 198743
Spirit of the Irish2003 19
Too Late To Stop Now - The Very Best of 2006 54

Hit singles.

Title.year.Highest position.
Seven Drunken Nights1967 7
Black Velvet Band1967 15
Maids, When You're Young Never Wed and Old Man196743
The Irish Rover (*)19878
Jack's Heroes/ Whiskey in the Jar (*) 199063

(*) Credited to "The Pogues and the Dubliners".

Popular downloads.

Whiskey In The Jar
Seven Drunken Nights
Dirty Old Town
The Wild Rover
The Rocky Road To Dublin
Finnegan's Wake
Black Velvet Band

A Drop of the Hard Stuff Released in 1967. Reissued as "Seven Drunken Nights". Line-up unknown, but probably Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna and Ciaran Bourke. Running time: about 43 minutes 7 seconds.



1. Seven Drunken NightsTrad 3m 43s
2. The Galway Races Trad3m 17s
3. The Old Alarm ClockTrad 1m 56s
4. Colonel Fraser & O'Rourke's Reel (instr) Trad2m 36s
5. The Rising of the Moon Trad2m 36s
6. McCaffertyTrad 2m 26s
7. I'm a Rover Trad4m 49s
8. Weila WaileTrad 3m 25s
9. The Travelling People Trad3m 50s
10. Limerick Rake Trad3m 10s
11. Zoological GardensTrad 2m 9s
12. The Fairmoye Lasses and Sporting Paddy (instr)Trad1m 55s
13. Black Velvet BandTrad 4m 26s
14. Poor Paddy on the Railway Trad2m 49s

More of the Hard Stuff Released in 1967. Line-up unknown, but probably Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna and Ciaran Bourke.



1. Muirsheen Durkin' Trad
2. Poor Old Dicey Reilly Behan
3. A Nation Once AgainDavis
4. Whiskey in the JarTrad
5. The Old TriangleBehan
6. A Pub with no BeerParsons
7. Kelly, the Boy from Killan Trad
8. Croppy BoyTrad
9. Sullivan's John (*)Trad/ Dunne
10. Come and Join the British Army Trad
11. (The Bonny) Shoals of Herring MacColl
12. Mormon BraesTrad
13. Drink it up menMeek
14. Maloney wants a drink Behan

(*) With spoken introduction.

Drinkin' and Courtin' Released in 1968. Re-issued as "Whiskey On A Sunday". Line-up unknown, but probably Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna and Ciaran Bourke.



1. Dirty Old TownMaColl
2. Quare Bungle RyeTrad
3. Peggy GordonTrad
4. Rattling Roaring Willie Trad
5. Carolan's Concerto (instr) Trad
6. The Herring?Trad
7. The Parting GlassTrad
8. Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man. Trad
9. Gentleman SoldierTrad
10. Hand me down me petticoat ?Trad
11. Flop Eared Mule (Donkey Reel) (instr) Trad
12. I know my Love?Trad
13. Mrs McGrath (*)Trad
14. Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe Trad
15. My little son?Trad

(*) Spoken introduction mentions Ciaran Bourke.

At It Again Released in 1968. Reissued as "Seven Deadly Sins". Line-up unknown, but probably Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna and Ciaran Bourke.



1. Seven Deadly SinsMcLean
2. Net Hauling SongEwan MacColl
3. Nancy WhiskeyCollected by MacColl
4. Many Young Men of Twenty Keane
5. Instrumental Medley: Paddy's Gone to France; Skylark Trad
6. Molly BawnTrad
7. The Dundee Weaver Collected by Jeffrey
8. The Irish NavyDrew-Kelley
9. Tibby DunbarBurns arr McLean
10. The Inniskillen Dragoons Trad
11. Instrumental Medley: The Piper's Chair; Bill Hart's Jig; The Knights of St. PatrickTrad
12. I Wish I Were Back in Liverpool Kelly-Rosselson
13. Darby O'LearyTrad
14. Go to sea no more Collected by Halliday

Live at the Albert Hall Released in 1969. Line-up unknown, but probably Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna and Ciaran Bourke.



1. Black Velvet BandT
2. McAlpines FusiliersT
3. Flop Eared Mule (Donkey Reel) (instr)Trad
4. Peggy GordonT
5. Weila WealaT
6. MontoT
7. Cork HornpipeTrad
8. Leaving of LiverpoolT
9. Dublin in the GreenT
10. Whiskey on a SundayT
11. I wish I was back in LiverpoolKelly-Rosselson
12. Navvy BootsTrad
13. Whiskey in the JarT
14. Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man Trad
15. Seven Drunken NightsTrad

Songs From Ireland - Greatest Hits Running time 48 minutes 07 seconds. Released in 2002. Various live recordings. no dates or line-ups given, but probably Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna and Ciaran Bourke.



1. The Wild Rover Trad
2. The Leaving of Liverpool Traditional
3. I'll Tell My Ma Traditional
4. Will you Come To The Bower Traditional
5. Easy And Slow Bourke/ Drew/ McKenna/ Linch
6. Home Boys Home Traditional
7. The Rocky Road To Dublin Traditional
8. The Old Orange Flute Traditional
9. Nelson's Farewell (*) Dolan
10. The Mason's Apron (instr) Traditional
11. Off To Dublin in the Green Traditional
12. Peggy Lettermore (in Gaelic) Traditional
13. The Glendalough Saint Traditional
14. Roisin Dubh (instr) Traditional
15. The Twang Man Bourke/ Drew/ McKenna/ Linch
16. Boulavogue Traditional

(* prefixed by a spoken poem by Louis McNiece)

Original Dubliners 1966 - 1969 CD1 Running time 76 minutes 34 seconds. CD2 Running time 74 minutes 36 seconds.  Released in 1993. On CD1 tracks 1 to 14 are the complete tracks from "A Drop of The Hard Stuff" (1967), tracks 15 to 26 are all but two of the tracks from "At It Again" (1968). On CD2 tracks 1 and 2 are the missing tracks from "A Drop of the Hard Stuff". All of the tracks of "More of the Hard Stuff" are present. Ten  tracks from "Drinkin' and Courtin'" are present. No line-ups given, but probably Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna and Ciaran Bourke.




1. Seven Drunken NightsTrad
2. The Galway RacesTrad
3. The Old Alarm ClockTrad
4. Colonel Fraser & O'Rourke's ReelTrad
5. The Rising of the MoonTrad
6. McCaffertyTrad
7. I'm a RoverTrad
8. Weila WaileTrad
9. The Travelling PeopleTrad
10. Limerick RakeTrad
11. Zoological GardensTrad
12. The Fairmoye Lasses and Sporting PaddyTrad
13. Black Velvet BandTrad
14. Poor Paddy on the RailwayTrad
15. Seven Deadly SinsMcLean
16. Net Hauling SongEwan MacColl
17. Nancy WhiskeyCollected by MacColl
18. Many Young Men of TwentyKeane
19. Instrumental Medley: Paddy's Gone to France; SkylarkTrad
20. Molly BawnTrad
21. The Dundee WeaverCollected by Jeffrey
22. The Irish NavyDrew-Kelley
23. Tibby DunbarBurns arr McLean
24. The Inniskillen DragoonsTrad
25. I Wish I Were Back in LiverpoolKelly-Rosselson
26. Go to sea no moreCollected by Halliday




1. Instrumental Medley: The Piper's chair/ Bill Hart's Jig/ The Nights of St PatrickTrad
2. Darby O'LearyTrad
3. All For Me GrogTrad
4. Cork Hornpipe (instr)Trad
5. Peggy GordonTrad
6. Maid of the Sweet Brown KnoweTrad
7. Quare Bungle RyeTrad
8. Flop Eared Mule (Donkey Reel)Trad
9. Pool Old Dicey RileyBehan
10. Whiskey on a SundayGlynn Hughes
11. Gentleman SoldierTrad
12. Navvy BootsTrad
13. Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old ManTrad
14. Rattling Roaring WillieTrad
15. Mrs McGrathTrad
16. Carolan Concerto (instr) Trad
17. The Partin' GlassTrad
18. Muirsheen DurkinTrad
19. A Nation Once MoreDavis arr Behan
20. Whiskey in the JarTrad
21. The Old TriangleBehan
22. A Pub With No Beer Parsons
23. Kelly, the Boy From Killan Trad
24. Croppy BoyTrad
25. Sullivan JohnTrad/ Dunne
26. Come and Join the British Army Trad
27. (The Bonny) Shoals of Herring MacColl
28. Mormon BraesTrad
29. Drink it Up MenMeek
30. Maloney Wants a Drink Behan

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