Jack Elliott (b 1907)

English singer of mainly traditional songs, story-teller, and harmonica player.

(Not to be confused with "Rambling Jack Elliott")

Albums - solo.

Jack Elliott of Birtley: Songs and Stories of a Durham Miner1969 LeaderLEA 4001 
The Elliotts of Birtley: A Musical Portrait of a Durham Mining Family 1969 TransatlanticXTRA 1091


Title. year. Label. number.
Troubles They Are But Few - The Voice of the People vol 14 (+) 1998 Topic TSCD 664
To Catch A Fine Buck - The Voice of the People vol 18  (++) 1998 Topic TSCD 668
There Is A Man Upon The Farm - The Voice of the People vol 20  (*++)1998TopicTSCD 670

(+ One track only - "Old Johnny Booger")
(++ One track only - "Champion He Was A Dandy").
(+++ One track only - "In The Bar-Room").

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