Vivien Ellis

English singer of mainly traditional songs.

(As a singer of medieval material she has recorded with Sinfonye, The Dufay Collective, Alva, an the Broadside Band.)
(As a jazz singer she has recorded with "Tapestry" (Keith Tippett), "Transience" (Stevie Wishart) and the Helen Chadwick Group)

Albums - solo.

Love Songs2002  
The Dawn Songs2006 Beautiful JoBEJOCD-50 

Albums - Alva (Vivien Ellis and Giles Lewin).

Love Burns in Me1996? Beautiful JoBEJOCD-40
The Bells of Paradise1996 Beautiful JoBEJOCD-45

Collaboration - Vivien Ellis, Tom Laycock, Broadside Band.

Old English Nursery Rhymes2004 SaydiscCDSDL419 

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