Five Hand Reel

Scottish folk-rock band singing mainly traditional Scottish songs. Also traditional Celtic tunes.

(Dick Gaughan has recorded solo.)
(Bobby Eaglesham has recorded solo)
(Chuck Fleming has also recorded with JSD Band)
(Confusingly, some of the albums use "5" as a numeral, and some use "Five".)


Title.Year.Label. Number
5 Hand Reel1976Rubber Records 019
[Reissue] 1976RCA PL2 5065
[Reissue] 2003Black Crow CROCD 211
For A' That 1977 RCA Victor PL2 5066
Earl O' Moray1978 RCAPL2 5150
Nothing But the Best1978 RCA  PL2 5267
A Bunch of Fives1979 Topic  12TS 406

Multi-volume Albums.

Title Year. Label. number.
5 Hand Reel/ For A' That/ Earl O' Moray (2 CDs) 2006 Beat Goes On BGO 712


Title. year. Label. No.
The Collection 1997Camden  743214519325

Best album (*).

5 Hand Reel 1976

(*)Based critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

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