Flowers and Frolics

English group playing mainly traditional tunes.

(Dan Quinn has also recorded with Gas Mark 5)

(Mike Bettison - melodeon, Roger Digby - Anglo concertina, Bob King - banjo, Dan Quinn - melodeon, Ted Stephens - percussion, Alex West - brass bass)


Title.Year. Labelno
Bees on Horseback (*)1977Free ReedFRR016
[Reissue]2008Free Reed 
Sold Out1985 EFDSSBR6 
Reformed Characters (**)2000Hebe MusicHEBECD 002

(* With Bob Davenport and June Tabor)
(** With Bob Davenport and Peta Webb)


Title.Year. Labelno
Stepping Up (*)2004TopicTSCD752

(*) one track only - Down the Road/ See Me Dance the Polka (from Bees on Horseback).

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